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Robert King Licensed Real Estate Broker,  Saint Petersburg,  FL

Date: April 26, 2012

I doubt this will see the day light of posting, but I'll give it a shot anyway. Without quoting Paul Silver, a scholar and man with no need of introduction. So if you believe the left wing narrative, allow me to agree with you momentarily according to what you convey. First... the Capital System will ALWAYS have two major groups in it's wake, those who are POOR and those who are NOT. Second... the Social Engineered System will have NO Poor nor Wealthy, everything is redistributed on an equal in equal out basis, at least that's how it works out on paper. The fundamental flaw in the left's madness is there is No Poor there is No Wealthy we are all equal under the same roof. So I ask the Universal Question, how do we know somebody isn't getting an unequal share under the left's system? We Don't, we just believe. Anyway that's what the Educated teach us. It's found in their manifesto, which is always changing based on the situation.
The two systems separate at the Capitalist's Bill of Rights with plenty of history to back it up. However, according to the Higher Educated it's different in the 21st Century, especially now that we have SO MANY POOR, right? But what's different? Nothing, we all survive together equally if the Current Collective has it's way. So... we either Stand our Ground or we take Flight, right? Both Systems left to their own doing will eventually fail in their own wake. Historical evidence left un-revised shows what happened to the Romans and Greeks, but is it happening again? I'm referring first to the father of democracy GREECE. Rome is NEXT if history repeats it's self, especially when ignored or revised to fit the Agenda. So where does that leave the American Capitalist? Where ever the money leads us. As long as the money holds out then Political Influence from both sides of the aisle remain in tack and we have the perfect non-conflict resolution storm brewing.
There will be plenty of misery going around to keep everybody busy. A whole lot of talk, nothing get's done! It always begins with bad ideas from the collective wanting what they can't get for themselves or... so miserable they give up trying while the wealthy continue being WEALTHY in a Capital System. You see there is no compromise between Good Ideas and Bad Ideas. The Good either gives in or the Bad never gives up! So bad ideas in the end will eventually prevail in a Capital System. It's hard to believe but it's true. Good Ideas are as foreign to comprehensive thinking as oil is to vinegar. You can shake it up and it will suspend for awhile, but eventually it all begins the process of "unraveling" "separating" as it sits dormant, causing US to shake it up, get things moving again, only thing missing is an EVENT, something in the Snooze. I left as an "oversight" (ignored), we end up right back at the same place the classic war between enough and not enough. The only tool in the COLLECTIVE arsenal that works is the non-argumentative tool of compromise and bipartisanship. It has taken almost a hundred years to coral the Capitalist for his Ideas. Without those free thinking ideas the Social Minded (Collective) can't survive. It's all in Saul Alinski's publication "Rules For Radicals". So ultimately there will be a continuing battle between both mindsets until one finally rises to victory, only to fail because someone will want something that somebody else has or we become so indebted to the State that the Collective becomes willing to give up THEIR Constitutional Liberties for Security in the name of Constitutionality.
But allow me the freedom to say, this could be just more Right Wing Propaganda, right?
Robert L. King
Saint Petersburg, Florida
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Paul Silver,  Portsmouth,  RI

Date: April 26, 2012

I think Linda is correct, the tax increase will trickle down. You mentioned
, "Just add it to the deficit like Bush did? Cutting a half a million here
or there isn't going to do it. We'll just lose those services".
Look at our deficit now, and Bush has been out of office for quite sometime.
Glory Bee Costa

---> Yes, but the Bush tax cuts and two wars, plus the bank bailout and
TARP, are the main causes of the current deficits... just facts...

Have a great day!

Best regards,

Paul Silver
Focus Professionals, Inc.
Direct Tel: (401) 293-0131
E-Fax: (401) 633-6938

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Jim Noblet Licensed Real Estate Broker,  Midlothian,,  VA

Date: April 26, 2012

Robert says; doubt this will see the day light of posting.

Excellent Robert, and if I am at liberty to post a concurring comment: I could be wrong, but why do Socialist (too strong?) ok, people who want a certain amount of wealth redistribution by government (how's that?) always become the most vocal & most adamant in countries which have already created (USA), or already retain in natural resources (Russia), vast amounts of wealth? If it's as they say, couldn't they all gather & organize in a large undeveloped country and blow the capitalist out of the water economically speaking? There must be large numbers of entrepreneurs in their ranks anxious to "share the wealth".

Jim Noblet, Assoc. Broker/Owner
FREEDOM Realty Services, Inc.
Serving Cent. VA since 1996
Licensed in state of Virginia


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Maribel Tirado Licensed Real Estate Agent,  Downey,  CA

Date: August 20, 2012

Paul Silver,

You keep talking about the expense of the two wars and how this financial crisis is President Bush' fault. I didn't vote for him and still do not agree with you.

The first two years, majority in the house of representatives and senate? DEMOCRATS. Executive branch? democrat!!! What did they do? Nothing! You still blaming Bush?

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