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 Required to disclose buyer as agent from another state in AZ?

Created by:
Patty Stewart, Licensed Real Estate Agent,  AZ

Date: June 15, 2009, Number of Replies: 4

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Is there an Arizona state law that states that a buyer who has a license in another state needs to disclose this in the contract when purchasing an Arizona property?

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Rick Snow Licensed Real Estate Broker,  El Paso,  TX

Date: June 16, 2009

Texas license law requires a licensee to disclose, if they are a principle in a real estate trasaction, regardless of where the transaction is done.

Rick Snow
One Realty El Paso

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Carolyne L Licensed Real Estate Broker,  Serving Brampton ON Canada,  --

Date: June 16, 2009

Not just in AZ -----
I just had a phone call from an out of the area (apparently licenced) fellow, wanting an appointment for one of my listings. I spoke with him personally, just by chance, and discovered he is not with any company currently, yet was booking viewings (for himself). Wonder how many others he got at other real estate companies. Or even if he was legit. Now he did i.d. himself as an agent... but has never worked locally and is currently not licenced here. Fortunately that appointment house was not available. I asked our BOR for instruction (or if there are any rules and regulations covering this topic) on this sort of situation, but no one ever got back with me.
With so much fraud going on, we always must have i.d. for the company an agent works for. Would you have let this caller book an appointment on your listings? Give him the lockbox code... to an unknown person from out of state?
Serving Burlington and Brampton ON CA
A licenced REALTOR (R) for 29 years.

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Lou Frey Licensed Real Estate Broker,  Santa Fe,  NM

Date: June 16, 2009

In NM our forms just ask if a principal is a licensee, it doesn't ask where.
If in doubt disclose, disclose, disclose.

He may want a referral however and if he is not a qualifying broker your
state may not allow it to be paid. On the other hand as a principal, you in
some states can give a rebate or a discount at closing.

Lou Frey
Qualifying Broker
Santa Fe Land and Homes

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Lindy Hall Licensed Real Estate Agent,  Houston,  TX

Date: June 16, 2009

I'm wondering why this buyer wouldn't want to disclose that he is an agent in another state.
The whole point of disclosing the fact that one is licensed, is the fact that it could give him an unfair advantage.... of course, depends upon the other agents involved, if they are sharp, he won't have any unfair advantage.
Just the suggestion of all this cloak & dagger baloney, would make me very, very cautious.

As Lou said, when in doubt DISCLOSE... that's always been a mantra for me, and most Realtors that I know.

Lindy in Houston

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