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 RE: Will you have to pull IDX listings? That's how NAR IDX policy is interpreted

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Date: May 16, 2009, Number of Replies: 0

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Once upon a time (about 37-40 years ago) there was a real estate company known as Forest E Olsen, Realtors in the San Fernando Valley and Simi Valley. This was a company that obviously educated their agents to the point that FEO would virtually swamp the listing market. Then it happened: FEO withdrew from the MLS in at least two markets that I remember. They actually didn't need the MLS to sell properties. And the other agents who were members in the MLS started to gripe about it. But what could they do? FEO was running away with the listings and sales and they actually didn't choose to rejoin the MLS. Until Coldwell Banker bought them.
The point, obviously, is that the producers have obtained the most listings and sales even today and those that do not produce still want to share in the producers' booty. Enter the computer and IDX. I guess you will always find the non-producers wanting to share in what their producing colleagues produce. How to fight it? I guess it is going to take a lawsuit sometime in the future . . . or the NAR having the guts to clamp down.
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