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 Do you get a migraine just thinking about short sales?

Created by:
Patty Da Silva, CDPE©, e-PRO®, Licensed Real Estate Broker,  Davie,  FL

Date: August 23, 2008, Number of Replies: 1

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I am glad I can help! You do not have to shy away from a short sale ever again!

sellers who are in financial distress by avoiding the devastating consequences of a foreclosure with the successful negotiation of a short sale. Short Sales are complex, detailed, lengthy and time consuming transactions.

Understandably, many Realtors walk away from such complicated transactions not realizing the great disservice that they are doing to their clients.
The distressed homeowners will try to fend for themselves, seek help from other agents, (who most likely do not know how to properly deal with a short sale), or worse, fall victim to one of the numerous scams out there these days. In the end, the homeowners will be foreclosed on and the Realtor will lose his/her clients forever.

A  CDPE© is able to assist your clients out of their current situation. You will be a hero in their eyes and in most cases, you will be able to sell them a new home in two years!
You will get paid  for the referral and you will have time to pursue your business and who knows, maybe find a few more short sales on the way.

I am a Licensed REALTOR® in Florida who serves Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin and Port St Lucie counties, (don't worry.. I have a partner), but there are CERTIFIED DISTRESSED PROPERTY EXPERT©s all over the country and they will be glad to assist you and your clients.

Let's help a lot of people and have a great day!!!

Patty Da Silva, CDPE©

Licensed REALTOR® & Mortgage Broker



Copyright © 2008 By Patty Da Silva, CDPE© All Rights Reserved. *Do you get a migraine just thinking about short sales?* Please contact Patty Da Silva, CDPE© for any assistance.

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Melissa Day Real Estate ,  San Diego,  CA

Date: August 25, 2008

***Thank you Patty Da Silva, CDPE© for your info…about Short Sales!

In California, I can also offer assistance with Short Sales as I have obtained additional training in the process. I am aligned with a company who provides Real Estate Investing education and the information I have gained has helped me to add "tools to my toolbox" for my clients. Contact me if you want more information! (info@melissaday.com or 619-922-1857). We meet every week…and I'd be happy to provide you with any information that will help with Short Sales.

Melissa E. Day, Realtor®, ePro

Team Mortgage Consultants &

My Win-Win Investing, Inc.

"Helping You Invest in Your Future!"

7710 Hazard Center Drive, #E-415

San Diego, CA 92108

P: 619-374-6870

M: 619-922-1857

F: 619-374-6871



"If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it
from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the highest
return." ~ Ben Franklin


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