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7 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Luxury Investment Property

Sep. 7, 2009

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Luxury Investment Property

Investment properties are typically looked at as either flips or rentals at the lower end of the financial spectrum. An investor will buy something relatively inexpensively, fix it up and then sell it if the market is right, or rent it out. However, the luxury rental market can be quite lucrative and is often overlooked by many investors. A luxury property can be worth its weight in gold if bought at the right price and in the right location. So, if you're contemplating investing in real estate, or expanding your existing real estate portfolio shouldn't you consider buying a luxury home or condominium?

Luxury holds different meanings for different buyers. It may translate into a home with its own stretch of beach. Or a top-of-the-line condo along the fairway of one of the best golf courses in the world. Perhaps your idea of luxury is a secluded retreat where you can get away from it all. Obviously, there is no set definition for luxury to each and every investor, but there is certainly a difference in terms of location, price and features.

In any given area, the luxury properties will be on the high end of the sales price range. In some small town in the middle of North America a luxury home with all the bells and whistles may cost $400,000. But head on over to the Wailea area on the island of Maui where condominiums are easily found in the million dollar range and luxury properties, especially single family homes, will be well above that million dollar mark.

Of course, it's exciting to purchase a luxury home as an investment property. Doesn't everyone want to add high end homes to their real estate portfolio? But there are more explanations why buying a luxury investment property is a smart move, other than just the "feel good" aspect. Here are seven reasons why a luxury real estate purchase can work in your favor:

1 - Right now is the perfect time for an investor to buy! Real estate is a cyclical industry. Prices go up and prices go down. The market gets hot and properties are selling left and right. And then the market cools. That's just the nature of real estate. And currently, prices are extremely favorable to buyers. Not only are prices reasonable, but many sellers are very motivated and are pricing their homes to sell!

2 - Luxury real estate is a great long-term investment...it does not depreciate to the extent that other markets may. Yes, the market is favorable to buyers at this moment, but over the long run, you won't see the ugly drop in your investment. Meaning, you won't see your property depreciate by 50% or worse. Luxury properties tend to hold their value fairly well.

3 - Luxury properties are flexible! You can purchase it as your upscale getaway and then turn around and rent it out to travelers by the week or by the month. You can even rent it out annually until you plan to retire to your luxury property paradise. But the flexibility is there. Many investors are able to make it work financially buy renting luxury property out on short-term agreements with travelers or locals and then still take advantage of the property themselves.

4 - Luxury rentals are typically treated better by tenants. The reality of renting a property out is that people may not treat the property as you would. However, when you are renting out higher end properties you attract those who will care for the property.

5 - You can see a higher rate of return on a luxury investment property because you can rent it out at a higher rate. A property in a coveted location can demand a higher monthly payment from tenants.

6 - Luxury property is typically quite secure and can bring with it peace of mind. Gated homes or gated communities are the norm for luxury real estate. Depending on the community, there may even be a dedicated security force. Increased security is a great bonus in terms of protecting your investment and keeping you and your tenants comfortable, knowing that extra level of security is in place.

7 - If you own a business or network with other business executives, a luxury rental makes a great reward for business well done, or as a getaway for a business retreat. It can also be used as a perk for exceptional clients.

Imagine everything you could do with a luxury real estate investment! A wonderful place you can call your second home, in a paradise of your choosing. A relaxing getaway and a lifelong investment rolled into one!


Buying a Luxury Colorado Springs real estate property is the best real estate investment today. Considering the popularity of Colorado Springs, you may rent the property or may even get good return on investment when the market is right. Contact your Colorado Springs REALTOR to show you some of the besr luxury properties in and around Colorado Sptings. And if you have any questions about Colorado Springs commercial real estate please contact Mike Stuard.

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