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Roof Repair & Replacement Bunkie Louisiana-Popular Roof Types

May. 4, 2012

We will discuss the most popular roof types in the central and southern Louisiana area. The gable roof is one of the most popular you will see in the rural community area as well as in the city. The hip roof is another popular roof types in Bunkie as well as Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The Gable roof is one of the more popular choices when deciding a style roof for your home. A gable roof has two roof surfaces of the same size, that are pitched at the same angle back to back, which makes a ridge at the top and forming a triangular type roof. Its clean and simple design makes it easier and cheaper to build. A gable roof is very effective in shedding water, usually provides good ceiling clearance and space and also allows for good ventilation.

The gable roof does have some inherent problems like not being the best roof type for high winds. One of the problems with the gable roof is the end wall collapsing from not being properly braced. If you are unsure if your roof has proper bracing call a home builder, roofing contractor or even a home inspector. A good roofing contractor can tell you what, if anything should be done for your home to be prepared for high wind storms.  

Some Common variations of Gable roofs:

  • Side gable roof - One of the most common roofing types because it is economical.
  • Front gable roof - The gable end is placed at the front or entrance of the house. This type of roof is often used in Colonial and Cape Cod style houses will use this. 
  • Cross gabled roof is two gable roof sections built together at a right angle. The two ridges the gables form are typically perpendicular to each other. The heights, pitches and lengths may or may not be the same. This type roof is used for cape cod and tudor style houses.
  • Dutch gable A hybrid type of gable and hip roof where a full or partial gable is located at the end of a ridge offering better internal roof space and increased visual appeal.


If you live in central or southern Louisiana and have one of the roof types mentioned and are unsure if your home is ready for the next storm call your roofing contractor and have a complete roof inspection done. After the roof inspection, also have your contractor inspect your attic and make sure you have the proper bracing to protect you and your family.

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