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Winners at My News 3

Mar. 3, 2012
Categorized in: Events in Nevada

 We Were Winners At My News 3

After mom and I went to the Mob Museum on February 14th, we were determined to return.  Thanks to My News 3 (which is mine and Mom's choice of the best source of news in Las Vegas) we will get to return in style.  The evening of February 14th the station was running a contest to win a Mob Package.  Determined I dialed and dialed and when the phone was answered saying I was caller number three, I was so excited I am sure I hurt Mark Whitehead's (Director of Promotions for Ch.3) ear. 

This past Monday we went to the station to pick up our prize.  Mark made it very special especially for my mom. 

Mark giving us our package

Mom just really enjoyed every minute of this and when she turned around she got to meet one of her favorite people Jeff Gillan who has a show on My News 3 called Vegas Inc but he is so much more.

He was so kind to her and she was thrilled to have her picture taken with him.  All in all it was a fun trip to pick up our package which we plan to use on the week of her birthday in June.

The package included 2 mugs that were only given to VIP invitees to the opening of the Mob Musuem and are not for sale, a nights stay at the El Cortez   in the Mob Suite, $100.00 to spend in the Flame Steakhouse and $35.00 in drinks at The Parlor.  Plus 2 more tickets to the Mob Musuem and this time we will allow plenty of time to see everything.

This was our original tickets in on Feb. 14th Grand Opening day              The package

Thank you so much to Mark Whitehead for his kindness to mom and making our adventure to pickup our package fun.  Mark has invited us back to take a tour of the station and maybe even watching some taping.  We really hope to take him up on it soon and I have a feeling it will be worthy of another blog post.


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Las Vegas, Nevada

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