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Jul. 27, 2008 - Royal Peacock Opal Mines


Royal Peacock mines offers the opportunity to dig for the beautiful stones known as fire opals. 
 Mine Phone: (775) 941-0374

Summer Mine Mailing Address: the other site.
PO Box 165, Denio, NV 89404

Winter Mailing Address
HCR001-9535, Winnemucca, NV 89445

Winter Phone: (775) 272-3201


May 15 Thur Oct. 15
(Weather permitting)

Rock Shop hours:
8 am - 5pm

Mining hours
8 am - 4 pm

Here is a new link with up dated information it should help you have a fantastic gem hunting experience.  Click on the link below for everything you need to know.

LINK:       New Hours and updated information


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Oct. 21, 2007 - RE: Royal Peacock Opal Mines

Posted by Jennifer Cotten
I would like to plan a trip are you open on weekends?
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Mar. 8, 2008 - RE: Royal Peacock Opal Mines

Posted by robert
can you sell these stones ?if yes, what are they worth?
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May. 2, 2008 - RE: Royal Peacock Opal Mines

Posted by Chris Shouse

It does not appear that reservations are necessary.  They open up on May 15th you can visit their website at 

Royal Peacock Opal Mines

Hope you have good luck and find some opals.  Opals are so beautiful.

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May. 5, 2008 - RE: Royal Peacock Opal Mines

Posted by Terrie Martin

Great I want ot come one weekend a month Please I live in Redding What do I need to do?

Thank you

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May. 5, 2008 - RE: Royal Peacock Opal Mines

Posted by Chris Shouse
Terrie Thank you for writing.  In the post itself is the website and phone contacts for the mine itself.  Give them a call.  Have a great time.
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Jun. 3, 2008 - RE: Royal Peacock Opal Mines

Posted by Terry Absher
Do you have news about your second place dig for those beautiful stones $ per day. how close to camp sights , how best to contact e-mail or tele. ,permission to talk to Tom Rich about your mining operation also known as Black Rock.  Would like possible big  dates opening 9 thriugh12 or 23 through 27.                     One adult mail pick up tent trailer ,dry camp  nice to have shower ,  water  have own food because of special diet.  t.absher@ yahoo.com
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Jun. 3, 2008 - RE: Royal Peacock Opal Mines

Posted by Chris Shouse
Terry I will email you also but you need to contact the mine itself for these answers.  I only bring you the information.  Thanks for visiting.
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Jul. 19, 2008 - RE: Royal Peacock Opal Mines

Posted by R. Dahl
how much does it cost to mine for opel's
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Jul. 19, 2008 - RE: Royal Peacock Opal Mines

Posted by Chris Shouse
If you hit the links for the Royal Peacock Opal mines I believe that it is all there.  Thank you for writing.  Hope you have a good time.
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Jul. 25, 2008 - RE: Royal Peacock Opal Mines

Posted by nic

www.royalpeacock.com expired last month so you won't find any info there. of course you can call the phone number but if you want to hear about the experience from someone who has been there, feel free to telephone me at 818-400-0176 & i'll tell you all about my incredible experience. I can even send you a shot of my AMAZING opal i found on my 2nd day of digging ever, but the colors just don't come out with my amateur photography skills.

Having been there twice, I can give you some helpful pointers as to what to bring etc. so please feel free to call me anytime. I had the time of my life & I'd love to share with others.

I've been to the Royal Peacock twice & it was just plain fantastic! I found an amazing pc the 1st time I went & little the 2nd time but the area is phenomenal & I can't say enough about the experience! I'd even go again if I knew I wouldn't find any opal. The surrounding area is just phenomenal! You can explore pristine wilderness in the Sheldon Wildlife Refuge, find arrowheads galore, obsidian & have your wits blown to pieces when you awake in the middle of the night to the unique sound of a slew of wild burros or a den of coyotes.

The place is in the middle of nowhere & I took it further one time & drove an almost 4 wheel drive only road which was nuts at the time since I didn't have a cell phone & there was NOTHING for miles and miles. Well, it paid off big time. I was literally 20-30 miles from any sign of civilization when I turned around a small mountain & had to stop. I saw a herd of wild mustangs gallop right past me about 50 feet away! I'll never forget it & probably never see it again in my life.

There's fishing & more in the area & another mine that offers digging in the tailings only whereas the RP offers mine digging OR tailings. Tailings are the piles of 'mine' a bulldozer breaks up since digging in the hard clay is work. (but of course the possibilities are greater)

I could write for days about it but I don't have the time & I don't even know if this will post as I'm not a member.

I have no financial interest in the mine, the owner or anything else related for that matter. I'm just a novice rockhound who had one of the best experiences of my entire 46 yrs of life at the mine.

If Bob and Debbie still run the place, you'll find yourself among family when you meet them. (there's a place in Winnemucca that makes donuts but it's not a donut shop. Bring a few glazers for B&D as thanks in advance for their hospitality)

I can't recommend this place highly enough and in fact hesitated writing this because the fewer who go there, the better for me & those who already know about it. But you should share what you love & let me tell you...you will not be sorry you went, should you decide to go.

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Oct. 22, 2008 - RE: Royal Peacock Opal Mines

Posted by scott stevenson

hi i would like to set up a trip for 2009 would you pleas send me some info thank you .

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Oct. 23, 2008 - RE: Royal Peacock Opal Mines

Posted by Ken


Could you please send me infor for the spring of 2009.? Hope planning a trip there then



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Oct. 23, 2008 - RE: Royal Peacock Opal Mines

Posted by Chris Shouse

Ken,  You will have to call the number I have provided in the blog post or visit their website which is linked under new hours.  I hope you have fun.


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Nov. 15, 2008 - RE: BLACK OPALS



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Nov. 23, 2008 - RE: Royal Peacock Opal Mines

Posted by Ricardo Bedolla

I recently watched a program on the travel channel. I am excited and bummed that the mine is seasonal. I look forward to visiting the area in the on season. I am a lucky person and hope to have an exciting and memorable experience.

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Jan. 22, 2009 - RE: Royal Peacock Opal Mines

Posted by Chris Shouse

PC Davidson I hope you can find a lot and resell them but you will have to talk to the owners of the mine for that kind of information.

Ricardo Bedolla  I wish you much luck on your trip.  Opals are beautiful like looking into eternity.  Whe you go I hope you can share with this blog your experiances and memories you made.  Have fun.

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May. 29, 2009 - RE: Royal Peacock Opal Mines

Posted by San

I was watching a documentation about different digging sites a few weeks ago and there was also the Royal Peacock Opal Mine. I was really impressed and would love to go with my German friend (she's coming for a visit soon). I remember they mentioned on TV that the digging fee per day was $70/day per person. Now that I checked the Homepage I saw that it is $180 per person/day. Can this be right? I wonder if the documentation on TV was a repeat from years ago? This digging fee scares me away, cause we planned to come with three adults for two digging days from Southern California. That would be $1,080 just for the digging plus the travel/hotel costs on top! What happened to that old digging fee? :(


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May. 29, 2009 - RE: Royal Peacock Opal Mines

Posted by San

 @ nic (if you're still around): May I give you a call for more informations and tips? I just talked to Julie at the RP Opal Mine and she told me that the $70 fee is from 6 yrs ago ... so the $180 fee is right ;)

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Oct. 12, 2009 - RE: Royal Peacock Opal Mines

Posted by Ken monnett

the question that i need to know is i have been to the mine several times , about 4 years ago , i stayed in the cabin for 4days each time , got to know the wilsons i did some tradeing of other gem stones while i was there, i hear mrs, wilson has been ill im sorry to hear that ,if it is true ,the wilsons are great poeple as you wil  ever meet. im now not able to go any more and that hurts, i need to know if there was a way to pap the days cost to work the wall and pay someone for the 8 hrs of wotk ,say 10 dollars a hour and i get all the opal that is collected that day, sent to me. or some deal like that, give me a call about the chances to do that ,if it works out good then i know i can get others to do the same if the find for the day can pay for it self.  call me @ 1-859-309-1909, my best wishes to mrs. wilson and god speed , ken

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Apr. 11, 2010 - RE: Royal Peacock Opal Mines

Posted by Joanne Sanchez

My daughter and myself have tried to get out there for the past 3 seasons since we heard about it.  Think were gonna make it this year! 

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Jun. 9, 2010 - RE: Royal Peacock Opal Mines

Posted by Dustin Cox

So whats the deal on TV it was said it was $70 dollars a day... hard to believe its $180 now...

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Nov. 26, 2011 - RE: Royal Peacock Opal Mines

Posted by Sharon

Dear Vic, thank you for sharing your wonderful experience. I wish I could have been there along with you. I have been wanting to go for the past 3 years, but my husband had colon cancer and I had Melanoma (Skin Cancer) on my left arm and leg in June 2009-2010. We had some "Friends" that took over $50,000 of our money. Plus, we spent a year and a half of work. The Economy took away a lot of our building business, then the cancer hit us. I have read that when you are under stress and our immune system is not as strong and we all the cancer cells. One thing I know of, Our God pulled us through. I pray that we can come next year, and see the mustangs running wild. My husband has a 68 fastback mustang, and that is his horse!  for those that are complaining about the cost, look at the cost these owners of the Mine have. The taxes, plus people don't realize that they have to have a Million dollar Insurance policy to cover the miners in case we was to get hurt on their property, and so on. My daddy owns a business, and unless he had that insurance, He could not go into that business..so, no work!  Nothing is Free!  I am just thankful that these people allow us to come on their property and take what we find. I went with a lady to Las Vegas, and she lost over $6,000 in just 3 days and she had Nothing to show for it.  I bit when you leave The Royal Peacock Mine, you will (Not) have bad nerves wondering where you are going to get the money to pay your bills when you get home like the lady I spoke of, and let me tell you that her husband was not Happy to see her come home!  I planned on seeing Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, The Hoover Dam, but I could not get her off the stool she sit on for hours and hours a day, when nothing to show for it. I love Las Vegas, but I would never pay that much money and not get any enjoyment from it.  If there are anyone out there that is going in May or anytime, and would like to have company that would be truly thankful to drive, cook,(Southern) etc., for my part. Please remember that those loaders and other equipment does not run off of sand!  Put some money back alittle a week, a month, or have a yard sale, because I am sure this trip will be worth it. Jesus does not mean for us to stay in one place, or he would have never walked town to town telling them about his father and how much he loved them, and if they would "Have Faith", They would spend eternity in Heaven. God made this earth in 6 days, and he didn't put all of this here for no one to see. Don't wait and wish you should have gone, but didn't. Always remember, "This Day Will Never Come By Again" 

God Bless, Sharon 


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