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March 2012

Mar. 9, 2012 - #348 Smith Center Grand Opening

 #348 Smith Center for the Performing Arts

The Smith Center for the Performing Arts has been long anticipated.  This weekend is the opening and there are some very big names coming to open this beautiful center.  Downtown is fast becoming a must go to destination.  Not only for visitors but residents will want to spend a lot more time here.  I will be doing more things to do with this center, but this weekend I believe is already sold out. At some point I will be going down and will take my own photo's but this center is really going to be put to great use.  Clint Holmes will have a jazz show here.  The kids from across the valley will be able to experience plays, music and get a great educational experience.  The Children's Museum is also moving here.  Here is the link for this weekends show.


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Mar. 8, 2012 - #349 St Patrick's Day is Coming

#349 St. Patrick's Day 


Las Vegas is a partying town.  There is no debate on that.  So St. Patricks Day will be no different.  There are so may places and things going on I will just give you the link to some of them so you can scope them out yourself!


St. Patrick's Day Festivities 

 Go forth and enjoy and remember there are places you can call to get a ride home! There are going to be many more places to go so I will come back and add things as I find them... this one sounds like fun..you can kiss the blarney stone!

Pot of Gold  

You may see some duplicates but some new ones also. 

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Mar. 7, 2012 - #350 Neon Reverb Festival

#350 The Neon Reverb Festival March 20-25th 2012

The festival is held twice a year in March and September and is a mixture of both touring and local Las Vegas Bands, along with film screening, comedy showcase, theater perfomances, poetry, and a story telling showcase.  All the events are held in different venues to give you a wonderful festival experience and having a really good time .  

The main goal of the festival besides having fun is to help show Las Vegas as the center of a growing music, film, arts, and cultural scene.  The event is held downtown which is fast becoming a very special place to visit.

If you have a film you want to enter it is of course too late for the March Festival but what about September?  To find out about that look here .

All filmmakers who have a film screening, will receive an all access festival pass which includes access to all bands, performances and venues. So after your film screens, (and before) you're free to enjoy the sights and sounds of Las Vegas as a representative of the festival!

Read more about this fun festival here maybe I will make it down for some great pictures.

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Mar. 6, 2012 - #351 Year of The Dragon at The Palazzo

 #351 Year of the Dragon at The Palazzo

The Palazzo Hotel which is attatched to The Venetain by a shopping mall entry into the Palazzo has a huge atrium which houses The Dragon.  It is very well done and well worth the trip to see it.  

This magnificent dragon is surrounded by many feng shui items and was designed to bring good luck to customers and visitors to The Palazzo.



Beautiful Waterfall      Coins


           The Dragon's Secret Friend

 Who knew that the Dragon had a secret friend?!  The Rooster! He is at The Palazzo also as a supporting character.  All in all this is worth a look it is beautiful and very well done.

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Mar. 3, 2012 - Winners at My News 3

 We Were Winners At My News 3

After mom and I went to the Mob Museum on February 14th, we were determined to return.  Thanks to My News 3 (which is mine and Mom's choice of the best source of news in Las Vegas) we will get to return in style.  The evening of February 14th the station was running a contest to win a Mob Package.  Determined I dialed and dialed and when the phone was answered saying I was caller number three, I was so excited I am sure I hurt Mark Whitehead's (Director of Promotions for Ch.3) ear. 

This past Monday we went to the station to pick up our prize.  Mark made it very special especially for my mom. 

Mark giving us our package

Mom just really enjoyed every minute of this and when she turned around she got to meet one of her favorite people Jeff Gillan who has a show on My News 3 called Vegas Inc but he is so much more.

He was so kind to her and she was thrilled to have her picture taken with him.  All in all it was a fun trip to pick up our package which we plan to use on the week of her birthday in June.

The package included 2 mugs that were only given to VIP invitees to the opening of the Mob Musuem and are not for sale, a nights stay at the El Cortez   in the Mob Suite, $100.00 to spend in the Flame Steakhouse and $35.00 in drinks at The Parlor.  Plus 2 more tickets to the Mob Musuem and this time we will allow plenty of time to see everything.

This was our original tickets in on Feb. 14th Grand Opening day              The package

Thank you so much to Mark Whitehead for his kindness to mom and making our adventure to pickup our package fun.  Mark has invited us back to take a tour of the station and maybe even watching some taping.  We really hope to take him up on it soon and I have a feeling it will be worthy of another blog post.

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Mar. 2, 2012 - #352 Mob Museum

 #352 Mob Museum


The new Mob Museum

On February 14th 2012 the much anticipated Mob Museum opened in the downtown area of Las Vegas.  Why February 14th you might ask yourself.  The day of love and romance.  Well in 1929 on a cold day in Chicago the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre happened.  It was according to Wikipedia a mob hit ordered by Al Capone.  So what better day to open Las Vegas's very own Mob Museum?

This musuem was a very personal project of former Mayor Oscar Goodman, himself a lawyer for the mob.  Mayor Goodman was a much beloved Mayor of the city for as many terms as he could legally run and is suceeded by his wife Carolyn Goodman.  In this bloggers opinion she is doing a great job.  The Goodman's have a great love for Las Vegas and want nothing less than to bring greatness to this city.

I attended (along with my mom Joyce) the musuem on opening day but missed the ceremony that opened the musuem.  But pictures and the story can be read about here     .

My mom who was born in 1928 has always been fasinated with stories of the mob and of course lived with a lot of the stories when she was growing up.

mom getting ready to be booked at the mob museum

I must admit we had no idea what we were in for and did not allow enough time to do this wonderful place justice.  I would say you need at least 3-4 hours to see everything.  We only saw the third floor and then did not see everything there either.  There are three floors packed with so much information and interactive things to do.  I was really amazed.  What a wonderful collection of history.  After all this era did a lot to shape who we are as a country today.

Visitors to this city will not be disappointed with this museum. Please everyone make time to go and visit.  Mom and I will be going back soon, as we came home that night and our own Channel 3 news had contests going to win a Mob Get Away Package.  I was determined to win and I did, I was caller number 3 to Channel 3.  We are so excited and look upon this as our next adventure.  We went this week to pick up that package and I will be writing that as my next blog post.

Floors have picks and shovels at the mob musuem                  


Could I have been a good moll?                 


              Connections of the mob at the Mob Musuem


The Mob Musuem             The Mob Musuem 2012



Mom getting ready to be booked at the mob musuem

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