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Oct. 23, 2014 - Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage

    I was checking links or I should say it was pointed out to me that a link was no longer working that I quoted from AARP on the subject of Reverse Mortgages. Now I do not know what your situation is but my mom and I tried to do a Reverse Mortgage in the beginning of the housing crisis. When prices were falling like boulders free-falling down a mountain.  Since at that time our home was worth less than what was owed we did not qualify for the criteria set by the company.

   Right now today prices have risen again in most areas.  If you have been thinking of looking into a Reverse Mortgage  now most likely is a good time to do it.

 Here is a new article for you to look at:  Click here 

Hope this brings you you some value

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Dec. 3, 2013 - #343 NASCAR Champion Awards

#343 NASCAR Roars Into Town

For the 5th year in a row the annual postseason start of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champions Week.  It is a star studded week that will include a lot of FANS being able to participate in things.  Including ONE MILLION bags of M&M's being given away in honor of Kyle Busch who drives thier #18 M&M Toyota.

There was just too much fun going on so I added link to the list of events...ENJOY! 


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Nov. 26, 2013 - #344 Vegas Cowboy Christmas

#344 Las Vegas Cowboys

December is great time to get your Cowboy/Cowgirl on in Vegas.  National Bull Riding finals are on and a lot of good country music is happening.  Also Cowboy Christmas happens at the Las Vegas Convention center this year.  300,000 sq feet of 400 vendors.  You should be able to find plenty of stocking stuffers!

The list of events is so long I copied the link you you can check it out....Can I get a YEE HAW! ?  

This list is from USA Today!!



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Nov. 23, 2013 - #345 Santa at Tivoli Village

#346 Tivoli Village

Tivoli Village is an awesome place with so much to so, lots of shops and wow you will not be sorry to visit here.  Just across the street from the borders of Summerlin this is well worth the trip.

Now Santa will be coming on the 29th so double the reason to go.

 A festive parade featuring Santa in a horse-drawn carriage, elves and live entertainment by local schools, and organizations that will kick offthe holiday season. After the parade, Santa will meet good little boys and girls, and learn about their holiday wishes and take photos. Join us immediately after the parade for live entertainment on the main stage, horse and carriage rides, train rides, and free arts andcrafts for children.

Performances by Local Artists • Horse & Carriage Rides • Vendor Booths • Arts & Crafts • Train Rides

Visit the Sweet Shoppe Train Stop for Holiday Sweet Treats

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Nov. 22, 2013 - #346 Culture Fest On Freemont Street

 If you have never been to downtown in Las Vegas, you are in for a treat.  So many activities are going on there all of the time.  This weekend is the 8th annual Culture Fest which should be full of good times.


 The 8th Annual Las Vegas Culture Fest comes to downtown Las Vegas. The event features food, arts and entertainment.

This year, the Culture Fest will honor victims of the typhoon in the Philippines with a "Ribbons in the Sky" tribute.

The event takes place November 23 and November 24 from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. at the Fremont Street Experience in front of the D Hotel and Casino.

I am really going to try to get back to doing the 365 things to do in Las Vegas and I am sorry that I have not.  A lot of you know I lost my mom and had to short-sell our home as without her I could  not live there as we split everything.  I have been writing on this blog about that experience and hope you have enjoyed it.  I will get that finished up soon. Moving is no fun.  


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Jun. 14, 2013 - Anantomy of A Short Sale IV

Mean While Back At The Bank 

I filled out the paperwork when I first applied for the short sale.  Documentation, forms for the goverment, 2 years worth of taxes, letter showing my hardship, mom's death certificate, bank accounts for two months, and I know a lot more than that.

Then came the first letter in the mail saying they lost all the paperwork and I had to fill it all out again.  I grumbled but did it all again.

In total over the course of the year it took me to complete this process I must have filled out the same paperwork at least 5 times.  Plus every time I got a new buyer I had to fill out extra ones.  Not to mention all the contracts I had to look through before choosing the one I wanted to accept.

I really know that the bank needs to shorten this process. 


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Apr. 21, 2013 - Anatomy Of A Short Sale III

Time For The Buyers

After all the paperwork is done, it is time to put the house on the market.  A sign in the yard and entered into the MLS (multi-listing-service).  I found out too late that my Realtor® does not do much Internet, no website, no blog and does no other marketing.  It is a good thing to ask you agent about because depending on the market you are in you need someone that can market your property properly.  Lucky for me the Las Vegas Real Estate Market when we first listed was HOT.

We made it appointment to owner (me) because of my little dog, who would freak out if there were strange people in the house without my being here.  We put it in the first time on a Friday and by the end of the day Saturday was full of appointments. 

We had listed it for $135,000.  Comparatives were in line with that price in June of 2012.  It got us into a bidding war and after 6 offers, I accepted one at $150,000.  These buyers lasted until October and then they gave up waiting.  

Back on the market it went.  Good thing I had not really started packing in ernest so there were not boxes out yet.  This time we listed it for $170,000, inventory was going down prices going up.  This set of buyers hung in there until December. 

We left it listed for the $170,000 and again accepted an offer.  This couple lasted until the end of January.  They had to back out for personal health issues.

I have my fourth set of buyers and I pray they hold on, because I do have boxes everywhere now.  We had a bit of a bidding war again and I accepted a contract above the $170,000.  Since it is an active contract I will not divulge what the contract is for.

So what is the bank doing all this time?  Tune in next time and I will tell you.

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Apr. 20, 2013 - Anatomy Of A Short Sale II

The Process Begins

I had to get together all my papers, my last two bank statements, last two tax returns, last two W2's, and my last two payroll statements.  ( I also besides being a Realtor® worked for Continental Airlines part time)  I have since retired from the airline because the accident that took mom also tore my knee wide open and I could no longer stand on my feet on the hard cement.  Not only that but I was a basketcase without mom.  Also I had to send her death certificate.

There were more papers to sign, the listing agreement of course and there are special short sale papers.  I also had to write a hardship letter explaining why I needed to short sale the house.  Now in my way of thinking this was a clear cut hardship case, but apparently the bank must not think so.  Would you think it was?

There was another paper I signed which put my mind at some ease, it was that the bank was suppose to talk to my agent and the title company to relay anything more they needed from me.  You would think that the bank would honor my request.  Right?  Wrong! 

A few weeks after all of this the phone calls started.  I let it go on, told them I had given instructions they were to talk to my agent or title company, that I had sent a hardshop letter and turned in short sale papers.  Worst of all is when they called they asked for my mom.  It hurt.  After abouth the 5th call I am ashamed to tell you I lost it.  The poor guy from the bank that was just doing the job he was told to do got an earful.  I told him every time they called and ask for my a piece of my heart was ripped out.  After my rant the phone calls stopped.

More of this saga to come.

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Apr. 14, 2013 - Anatomy of A Short Sale

Anatomy of a Short Sale

    Those of you that have read this blog know how close I was to my mother.  On April 21st it will one year since I lost her.  She had a fall in this house that we had owned together for 12 years and I miss her everyday she was my best friend.

    I realized that I would not be able to keep our home anymore as we had split everything down the middle and there just was not enough money on my own.

    As a Realtor® I was able to run the comparatives and knew that this house was underwater. So I could never sell it for what was owned on it.  So I made the hard decision that I would try and short sale.  It was a better option than foreclosure or bankruptcy.  Now I am well aware of how the process works, but now I am also aware of the emotional side and what the seller feels and experiences.

    Now I am not allowed to sell my own home as a short sale so my broker sent me an agent out of the office named Debbie.  She has done a ton of short sales so I was comfortable not handling it myself and I knew the process myself so I can keep an eye on things and push a little.

   Over the next days  I will  tell you about the process and catch you up on what I have gone through the last year and then keep you up to date until this short sale ends one way or another.      


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Aug. 11, 2012 - Sound Advice for Properties That Have Been Vacant

Vacant Properties Good Advice 

I just read an excellent article from Gainesville Agent Terry Martin-Back.  With his permission I have shared it here because it is very good advice.  While there are not as many properties standing empty right now it is my belief we may have another of foreclosures and we may have vacant homes again.

If you are thinking about buying a bank owned property and find it has been vacant for awhile you may want to bookmark this article.

Impending Disaster


I want to warn many of you of the “Impending Disaster” that my crew has had to handle recently.  Home owners and new investors are turning utilities on in homes that have been vacant and idle for more than a year and the end result is a disaster.  I want to warn as many of you as I can so you won’t have extra clean up cost and also warn current homeowners about their “Impending Disaster”. 

Before turning the water on, make sure all the shutoff valves under sinks, toilets are off or can be turned off. Check all the spigots to insure they function properly including the washer valves.  Have the plumbing lines pressure tested to see if they can withstand pressure and hold pressure.  Plan on changing bath and sink fixtures or have the seals changed if they are a good quality.  The fill valve, flapper valve in the toilets will need to be changed as well as the seal between the tank and base.  Before filling the tank on the toilet, pour water in the bowl using a five gallon bucket to insure the trap is clear and it has proper flow.  You should plan on removing the P-trap’s from under the sinks, remove dried debris and check the seals prior to pouring water down the drain. The garbage disposal will probably be frozen and will need to be lubricated and loosened prior to running water through it, (from my experience, plan on replacing it).  The dishwasher will probably be in the same situation as the garbage disposal, depending on the quality of the unit will determine whether you repair or replace the unit. The water heater will need to be drained and inspected prior to turning  on the gas or electric, (plan on replacing the coils in the electric water heater). Locate the main water shutoff valve and insure it works as well as any other secondary shutoffs so when disaster strikes, you’ll be prepared. 

  For the homeowner; check all the shutoff valves to insure they work properly.  Do not force a valve, (you could create a disaster by breaking weak pipes).  If the valves are stiff, work them back and forth until they operate freely.  If they are frozen, contact a licensed plumber to change them out and check the valves a couple times a year to keep them in working order.  Make sure you know where your main shutoff valve is, make sure it's working properly and have a tool available that will work on your valve incase of a disaster.  Water can do as much damage as a fire so be prepared and you can avoid an “Impending Disaster”.


Here's a link from a local TV station that followed up from reading my blog;

http://www.wcjb.com/local-news-state-news/2012/07/buying-vacant-homes .

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