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Coos Bay, OR

June 23, 2011

he latest from the guide

  1. How to use Free Classifieds to Power a Community
  2. 0+0=0 | I am on top of Google - where are the sales
  3. About walking away from conflicts of interests in advertising agency
  4. When the water is low - the stumps will show

A special announcement due to the crash: OK, we are back with a fresh, stable database: I am sorry you have to rebuild your blogs: but for our original twenty who never pay again: we will do it for you custom, just create a new profile and send us the link; For those of you who came after: you too will never pay again! Until we get back to 200 blogs (we had 159 here when we crashed) Israel Rothman 805-827-2450 Featured video: Henry at upLog.org is cleaning up!

Henry and his group makeing nothing but money with Wireless+Uplog

Featured video form troys client Glenn Beck http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe52_QqfOpA&feature=related

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