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2008-08-14 18:05:50

Zillow Lanches New Marketing Initiative

Real estate Web site® today announced the launch of Showcase Ads, a self-service advertising platform for local professionals interested in reaching Zillow’s  audience of homeowners, buyers and sellers. With this new product, real estate agents, lenders and other local advertisers can purchase 25, 50, 75 or 100 percent of the available ad views on searches for homes within a given ZIP code, allowing them to target only those localities they are most interested in reaching with their message.

Showcase Ads are an expansion of Zillow’s first local advertising product, EZ Ads, a platform that more than 13,000 local advertisers nationwide have used since the product launched in April 2007.  Showcase Ads introduce a new tiered pricing structure, providing professionals with the opportunity to buy a more meaningful presence within a given area by ensuring an ad is shown to at least 25 percent of individuals searching for homes in the ZIP code targeted.  Advertisers are provided both the number of impressions they can expect to get with their purchase, along with real-time updates on their ads performance.

“Zillow is committed to offering local professionals affordable and easy-to-use tools to get in front of our large audience of consumers interested in real estate and buying and selling homes,” said Greg Schwartz, vice president of ad sales at “We strongly believe that the more targeted an ad can be, both at a national and local level, the more useful the consumer will find it and the more successful the advertiser will be.” 

Creating and purchasing a Showcase Ad takes just a few minutes with a credit card on Zillow, and advertisers can include a photo, a phone number and other custom content.  Additionally, newspaper partners in Zillow’s consortium of more than 282 newspapers nationwide will sell Showcase Ads via their local direct sales teams.  Pricing is based on the geographic location of the ad, taking into consideration the online traffic the area receives, along with the local median home value.   Ads run in 30-day increments, and are shown on various pages throughout the site.

In addition to the local Showcase Ads product announced today, Zillow has an extensive national advertising platform called Zillow Home Direct. Advertisers using Zillow Home Direct can utilize a unique package of consumer targeting options, including groundbreaking methods to reach homeowners on the verge of major home-related purchases or moves.

To learn more about Zillow Showcase Ads, or to purchase a Showcase Ad, visit, or click the “Advertising” footer on any page.

About Zillow is an online real estate community where homeowners, buyers, sellers, real estate agents and mortgage professionals find and share vital information about homes, for free. Launched in early 2006 with Zestimate® values and data on millions of U.S. homes, Zillow has since opened the site to community input, data and dialogue.  One of the most-visited U.S. real estate Web sites, Zillow's goal is to help people become smarter about real estate in every stage of the home ownership process-- buying, selling, home improvement and financing. The company is headquartered in Seattle and has raised $87 million in funding.

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