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2008-06-05 16:23:17

Your Secret Presentation Weapon

You are at a listing presentation, and you know the seller is interviewing other agents.  Would you like to distinguish yourself as the best?  Here’s how.

This is on an age-old and proven sales concept that is taught in high-level sales training in every major corporation.  In real estate, it is a subtlety that most agents simply don’t build into their skill set.  Those who learn and use this skill stand out and win against the competition.
Have you ever lost a listing and could not figure out why?  The seller says that they had more confidence in another agent.   This skill is the reason they will choose you.  They may not recognize why; they just have more confidence in you.
Sample Seller Script
Here’s an example.  After, I’ll break it down for you so that you can apply it for yourself.
Agent: “Do you know the number one complaint owners, like you, have about their present REALTOR®?
“The agent doesn’t communicate or loses touch.  It’s one of the simplest things and one of the most important.  I know some of the best agents in town who sell a lot of homes and have the best intentions, but they just don’t follow up like they should, and you fall through the cracks.
“I set aside an hour each day just for staying in touch with my clients.”
“You don’t want to be in the dark, uncertain and uncomfortable.  I want you confident that we are both doing everything we can to get your property sold for the most money in the shortest time. “I like to make these calls between eleven and noon on Thursday mornings.  What is the best number to reach you at that time?”
AABC: The Breakdown
There are four steps to this presentation skill.  They are subtle and easy to learn.  You must practice to be natural with this skill, which I call AABC.
  • Step One is the Action you take.  In the example above, it’s communicating regularly.
  • Step Two is the Advantage you bring that differentiates you.  In the example above, it is setting aside an hour each day. 
  •  Step Three is the Benefit to them.  In the example above, it is making them certain, comfortable and confident.
  • Step Four is the Close, which is asking for a decision.  In the example above, it is asking for the specific number to be reached on a specific day and time.
Action: What you do.
Advantage: Your distinction.
Benefit: What’s in it for them?
Close: Asking for a decision.
This has been taught by Fortune 500 Companies decades before Anthony Robbins was a twinkle in his mother’s eye.  Most agents miss the mark on this in today’s competitive real estate market.  To hit a bull’s eye, use AABC as your secret weapon.  You will begin to notice sellers and buyers having more confidence in you, relaxing with you, and trusting your judgment.
Sample Buyer Script
“Would you like to have the advantage of seeing the newest properties on the market, every day?”
A – The Action: “Every day - often twice a day - I will search for properties that are new to the market.”
A - The Advantage: “In our area there are nearly three thousand real estate agents.  Every day, some of them are placing new property on the market.  Within hours, often less, I make sure that you are aware of any and every property that even remotely matches your desires.”
B - The Benefit: “You’ll have the best opportunity to find the property that has the most of what you want before you are in competition for it, and you often get it at the best price.  Each year, many of the homes I sell are those fresh listings that have only been viewed by my buyers.  It’s fun for me.  It’s the best way to give you the competitive edge.”
C - Close: “Do you want me to contact you each day as soon as we become aware of any property in which you may be interested?  If I call during the workday with an excellent choice - something that looks perfect - would you be able to come fairly quickly to see it?”
You will find AABC is your secret weapon.  While other agents present their same old way, the buyers and sellers to whom you present see, hear, and feel something different, something more.  They will more easily sign exclusive contracts with less commission challenges.  They will trust you and make your job with them easier, because they strongly believe in your efforts on their behalf.
A Few Subtleties
I like to start with a question.  Do you know?  Have you heard?  Would you like?
The Action can be very simple.  It is your Advantage - the way you do it differently - that makes the distinction.
The Benefit is always more money, the best time frame, and/or more ease and convenience.  That is WIIFT: What’s In It For Them.
The Close is critical.  In addition to confirming their agreement, it makes them an active participant in the process.
In my work, I occasionally accompany Agents on listing presentations - Agents who take over a hundred listings a year.  Once they begin to apply AABC, they immediately express that they feel, hear, and see the difference in the way their clients responded to them.
This is an advanced skill that raises your effectiveness and enhances your relationships and your results.  It requires preparation and practice.  It is a secret weapon that can shift your work and your career into the next gear.
(For Rich Levin’s information about our coaching programs, call or visit us on the web at Rich Levin is a coach, trainer, and speaker.  His specialty is working with top producing real estate agents and brokers, taking them to the highest levels of production and performance in their business and in their lives. Rich Levin is President of Rich Levin's Success Corp. Contact Rich at 585-244-2700 or

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