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February 28, 2007

'You Light Up My Sign' Is Song Sellers Are Singing

RealTown community members share experiences and testimonials about products and services. We are getting lots of good reports from agents and brokers using Listing Lights to illuminate their signs in evening hours. The "before" and "after" shots speak a thousand words, but we are always happy to share the words, too. -Editor

I believe the “Listing Light” is one of the most important tools we use.  I teach “Real Estate Principles” and “Real Estate Practice” at Mt. San Jacinto Community College have for 10 years.  In the Practice Class I tell my students that the Listing Light is one of the best tools they can employ to get their first listing and more listings throughout their careers.  It is one of the easiest ways to say to the world of people seeing your sign,  “I am different," “I care," “I do more."

We publish our marketing program online. The following is an excerpt from that plan with respect to signage:

"The Sign is incredibly important it is still the best source of meeting potential buyers.  Use personal signs so that the call comes directly to you.  Do not let these sign calls go to voicemail or recorded information. If you answer the phone and talk to the people your client's home will be shown more.  Install a brochure box with your brochures and a custom sign topper to direct people to your web page.  Place the URL of the web page on every brochure and include it in all marketing.  Tell them in the brochure that a virtual tour is online.  Do not put the square footage or price of the home on the sign brochure you want to talk to the people.  Use your Direct Phone line and forward this to your cell when you are out.  Talking to every sign call is mandatory.  Never let this brochure box be empty that says you are stupid and lazy!  Put 40 at a time into it 10 to your seller tell them to call you when the 10 go in the box.

"I'm creating this on November 18, 2006. Sunrise is 6:21 am and Sunset is 4:45 pm 10 hours and 24 minutes of daylight. Buy a Listing Light and install it one on every listing. Today our listings will enjoy 5 extra hours of exposure that's 48.08% more exposure (maybe this is a hint why so many of our clients historically have been engineers). This device alone will set you aside from other agents. This is an extra expense, extra effort, extra maintenance as you'll have to set up a schedule to replace the batteries. But this works. Nationwide the sign is still the source of most buyers!  You don't need years of experience to say in a listing appointment "I'm going to do one thing alone that will expose your home 40+% more time than the competition". Take a picture of your sign with this light on at dusk. This picture can be the strongest listing tool you will ever have.  It says you go outside the lines you care and how on earth would any agent answer the question" why don't you use Listing Lights?". Anybody reading this that has an answer other than "I'm to cheap and lazy" let me know."

Most of the important work in a listing should be done prior to placing a sign on the property. A good listing tool is one that sells homes. Listing Lights sell homes. 

I put my first one up in a gated community, immediately had calls from neighbors complimenting us on doing something they had never seen before. I listed another home down the street for $1,500,000 The seller told me he saw the sign on his neighbor’s homecoming home after dark and thought, “That works." Last fall I decided to put Listing Lights on every single listing, regardless of the community and price range. 

I’ve had more sign calls than I’ve ever had before, and this has been during a very slow flat market in San Diego County. One property is in escrow with a buyer that saw the sign with a Listing Light. He is working with another broker, but he called his broker about the home. The broker did not make the buyer aware of the property. 

I guess it comes down to this question: “Why don’t you use Listing Lights?” 

What if every seller knew about them and asked this question?  These are classy devices. They are not gaudy, not ugly, not glaring. They achieve the goal of making the sign readable for extended hours.  How possibly could that be the wrong thing to do? -Terri and Paul Guess, Prudential California Realty, San Diego, CA

Larry and I are really pleased with our Listing Lights! We hadn't been impressed with the solar lights we'd seen, but when we saw the Listing Lights we knew they'd be great.  We immediately installed our first one while our clients were out to dinner.  When they returned home, they saw their sign as soon as they turned the corner, and they loved it! The quality of the light is crisp and clean, and they look great! They not only extend our hours of exposure but our clients like that we're using every possible tool to sell their home. Additionally, the Listing Lights are a powerful way to enhance your presence in a geographic farm, as well as a great addition to any listing presentation. - Barb and Larry Grey, CRS, One Source Realty, GMAC Real Estate, San Diego, CA

I have to say it's the best marketing investment I ever made. The return on the investment with the relatively low cost of the light compared to the responses that I have received from my sellers (in regard to the look of the sign as well as the increased visibility) was impressive. -Jeff Cole, The Cole Group, Windermere Exclusive Properties, Carlsbad, CA

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