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2010-10-24 17:35:30

YOU HAD ME AT HELLO --bet then...


Did your friends used to say, “You ought to be in sales. You are such a good talker.”

Maybe you listened to them and now here you are. In sales. Talking. And talking. And talking some more.

Well, it's Wednesday, the week is in full swing and my latest lecture toward my 12 year old son gives me pause.

As usual, he looked away as I spoke and did not want to respond to my tirade about him spending so much time on the computer. So I shut my mouth and just sat there. After all, isn’t silence the great ice breaker?

Still he did not talk, but he was well aware of my presence. Within a minute, he asked me to leave his room.

“Why do you want me out?” I asked.

“I’m frustrated,” he said.

"Why are you frustrated?"

"Because you are in my room, Dad."

"Why does that bother you Nick?"

"You always get mad at me and don't listen."

Talk about a light going on.

At the risk of you wondering just what the message is here, I shall leave well enough alone and simply state—your most valuable sales skill by far, is not the ability to form catchy scripts, slogans and buzzwords. No, no, my friend, that may actually be your downfall. To the contrary, it is your ability to listen carefully as you ask simple and effective questions. Do not confuse the art of sales with the science of teaching a required subject in college. Different dynamics, yes?

I asked my son three questions and discovered that he doesn’t listen to me, because all I do is talk. Now, I’m the dad and supposed to be the expert with all things kid—therefore I must continue to share my words. And then more words…


Let’s not suggest our adult clients are of the 12-year-old genre, but I have found time and again—whether it be counseling a buyer, seller, real estate agent or even another broker—a good ear beats a busy mouth time after time.

Try it! 

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