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2009-03-31 18:16:42

Yin or Yout?


There’s a certain deli in New York that seems to have a never-ending stream of customers. To maintain order, a brusque “greeter” of sorts keeps an eye on the confused and lost patrons who happen to stumble by. His purpose is to hold the paying customers in line and weed out the curious browsers. After all, this is a business to make money and only serious pastrami eaters need enter.
So here you are with sore tourist feet and a growling tummy, stumbling around this surreal city of accent-laden folks—none of whom makes eye contact. You stare at the long line of people who seem to take the wait in stride. After all, this is arguably the best Jewish-style deli in town and the Burger King alternative (no line there) sounds simple—but you really, really want that hot pastrami sandwich. Go ahead; take a few steps toward the crowd.
As you amble forward, second thoughts may enter your mind — but a peek inside reveals a sea of happy diners. The smell of steaming meats, fresh baked bread and simmering soup seduces your senses and you reluctantly find yourself latched on to this seeming herd of obedient, yet anxious customers.
Within a few minutes, you notice others gather in line behind you. Yes, there is some comfort —at least you are no longer at the end.  A head count reveals 29 people separate you from the order counter. The question is posed yet again—Is it worth the trouble?
As you ponder the question, the afore mentioned greeter taps you on the shoulder. Immediately you awaken from that hunger induced trance.
“Yin or yout?” he asks.
“Excuse me?” you respond. “What did you say?”
“Yin or yout? Youse gotta decide. Yin or yout?”
Perhaps you are still confused. At least till the well-dressed woman in front of you turns around, adjusts her eyes to the proper area of her bifocals and sternly retorts, “He’s asking, are you in or are you out? This is a busy place and they don’t need stragglers.”
“Oh,” you say. “I get it. Just couldn’t understand the accent. Um…I guess I’m in.”
“No guessing,” Mr. Greeter replies bluntly. Yin or yout?”
How bad do you want that hot and juicy pastrami with extra mustard, pickles and Swiss cheese? Do you really want to put up with these gruff folks who view tend to view you as a pariah? Shall you think like Stephen Covey and keep the end in mind, or embrace the culture of instant gratification? After all, it seems like an awful lot of trouble to get to that sandwich and those BK Whoppers are already precooked.
Are you at a crossroads with your real estate career? Weary of the long lines and competition for the prize? Is it time to step away and look at something a little easier—perhaps more stable? After all, the greeters are ruder these days and the meals are so much harder to come by.
Yin or yout?
Please decide 'cause stragglers clog the line for us serious diners.
Mike Butson is a real estate practiioner and a RealTown Blog member. He specializes in real estate fianance and marketing. Check out his RealTown Blog

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