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2011-05-28 21:59:33

Writing the Best Mortgage Marketing Article

1) Too Much Information – I see too many agents and LO’s giving away the farm when they make up an ad. Wether it is in the newspapers, online, whatever, agents are divulging so much information that the customer has no incentive to call anymore. That = NO SALE! Stop giving away the fam, Realtors! Leave something to be desired, and give the reader just a little taste, so they have to inquire further.

2) Font that is Too Small - Don’t use print that is way too small in your ads. People can’t squint to see property descriptions and such, without getting a headache. If they are driving by and looking at a sign on a lawn, they CERTAINLY won’t be able to see what it says! Make you print bold and exciting!. Wake the reader up a little bit.

3) Over-Using Images - People are naturally visual by nature. They like to be able to see or touch things. Pictures are good for catching the attention of prospects as they are driving by. However, the picture or image should not be the core element of the sign. You still need to use creative verbiage when you are making ads. The image should represent something, but not be the be all end all of your advertisment. Pictures are a great supplement to your message that you are conveying.

4) Over Selling Your Company or Service - It’s okay to brag a little, just don’t overdo it! People like to know that they are dealing with a great agent or company, but bragadocio needs to be kept to a minimum. People really just want information about the product or service that you have to offer, not a flashing billboard about how great and wonderful you are. Benefits, benefits, benefits!

5) Wrong/Too many Colors - Make the colors simple. Red, Black Yellow, White, you know, NORMAL base colors. It’s not graffiti time when you are doing real estate ads. Don’t make your ads an eye sore, make them easy on the eyes! People pay more and longer attention to things that are easy to visualize

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