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2011-05-10 09:31:06

Would you still to buy without logo Gucci?

In fact, so many famous brands have begun low-key in this year,exchange to exaggerated luxury Logo for charming small Logo. Consumers need low key products during economic recession stage.


Econnomic hardship need a NOT

Gucci handbags are printed on a large "G" bring to reveal the identity in sometimes. The Hollywood socialite of Vietnam's Paris - Hilton is often with the package which on printed a large "G". However, last week Gucci claimed that low-key route to their great gains and turnover improved significantly after the removed the exaggerated Logo in recently. Gucci by a face-lift brought profits and also allowed Robert Polet the CEO of company relaxing for a moment. He high-profile launch the value of £ 800 (about RMB8600 yuan) new style handbag which is not to see the Loge, and query by the other people. But it has been considered the consumers need low key products during economic recession stage.


Brand Logo, "quiet" and more honorable

French luxury goods magnate, Paris Spring Department boss Henri Pinault said: "Our group is moving in the logo design more smaller, more low-key luxury direction. Our brand quickly adapt to the new concept of luxury is more subtle, more mature, we are doing. "

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