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2011-01-21 20:01:57

Winning……Is it everything we thought it would be?

       It is a new year and time to take an accounting of our business and personal lives. Will we have more time for ourselves and family this year? Will we be more profitable? Where will we find clients and recruit agents? Will interest rates go up or down?  Another question you may be asking yourself is… how will I stack up against all the other Realtors around the country? How can I compete and WIN?  It is this last question that I thought might be worth investigating a little further.

       How important is it to really WIN. What is winning in the marketplace anyway? Maybe we should first define the word win. Merriam-Websters defines the word a couple of different ways. First, win - to get possession of, by effort or fortune. O.K., sounds fair enough. Second, win - to be the victor. (Some of you really like this one) Third, to win - is to reach by expenditure of effort. Wow, does that mean good or bad effort? I would like to think good effort. Allow me to give you what I believe to be a good definition of the word win.


  1. Do whatever you do as well as you possibly can.
  2. In a way that is good for people (even competitors).
  3. In the service of others.


      You meet individuals every day that attempt to live up to the above definition. I guess what I am really speaking of is a community. It would be my hope that we, as Realtor professionals, would take the lead and start talking in terms of community rather than competition. Does that mean you can’t be profitable in your business while helping others? NO! Does that mean you may not “win” every recruiting battle or contract? Maybe!

       By now, you must be thinking that this guy has really lost it….hang in there with me for just a moment. It was Martin Luther King, Jr. who said “Everyone can be great because everyone can serve”. One of the ways to begin to form a true community is by all members participating. Your fellow Americans need your thoughts, labor, expertise and help. Involvement is how a community thrives, not through isolation and elitism.  I feel it all boils down to LIVING YOUR LIFE WITH A SERVANTS HEART. This also applies to your everyday work ethic.

       Just last year I had to be out of town on business and needed to have a Realtor’s open house on one of my new listings.(a little difficult, since I am a one man office). I asked another agent if they would do the open house for me. They let me know that they were busy, but had asked someone else in their office if they would do this favor for me. This second agent, whom I had never met, agreed to do the open house on my behalf. That folks, is what serving others and community is all about. Do competitors do that or do Realtors wanting to build a community do that? Ever shown your listing to another agents’ client without the other agent present? Ever held a listing open for another office during an area tour?  Ever returned a call concerning feedback, so that the other agent could give a report to their client?  Ever explained to a recruit that another office might be better suited for them?

      Well, I think you are getting the idea. William Sedd is quoted as saying “A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for”. These are challenging times. We are supposed to be professional and knowledgeable when it comes to real estate. I wonder if we truly are at times.  I would challenge you to be engaged in your community and be a professional that your peers and clients can respect. Now that would be winning!

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