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2010-07-29 16:18:15

Why Your Website Visitors Do Not Become Leads

To know why your website has such an anemic conversion rate of visitors to 'leads' you have to know why people come to your website and why people leave your website.


The top reasons people come to your website:


          1) Search Homes for Sale

          2) Get Home Values


The top four reasons people leave your website[1]:


          1) Impatience

          2) Confusion

          3) Caution

          4) Indecision


The problem? You have about seven seconds[2] to get people doing what they want to do before they become impatient, confused, cautious and indecisive and then leave.


Now look at your website. Really look and see how easy you make it for people to search the homes that they want or for them to get information on their homes value.


Even further, what are you doing for them that is above and beyond what 1,000 other real estate related websites are doing?


The more people click, the more you lose


Every click a person performs is a decision. The more decisions, the likelihood of indecision increases and impatience, confusion and caution and their gone.


Too many choices leads to less action


Giving people a webpage with 30 different links and buttons to click has the opposite effect of what you are hoping.


Giving a lot of choices to the consumer, many of which are irrelevant to them, forces people at your website to have to make that many more decisions, increasing indecision, impatience and confusion and their gone.


Let's Do a Test - Give Them a Reason, Give Them a Way


Since your website likely has an exceedingly low conversion rate, let's test a new approach for a few months and see what the results are.


EVERY page on your website should have a REASON and a WAY for people to contact you. Otherwise you are wasting your time and money and more importantly, your website visitors time.


1. The banner - Use your broker logo with a beautiful image of your local area as the background. Not your picture, not your slogan and not all of your contact information. And keep it at around 150 pixels vertical or less!


2. Website Pages - If it does not involve a 'property search', 'home value tool' or related information where thEe ability to immediately contact you for more information exists, lose it.


Related information may include:


- Area information, but this should ideally be on the same page as your specific area property searches to drive SEO and cut down on unneeded links (i.e. decisions that lead to abandonment).


- Short Sale / How to Avoid Foreclosure information. Keep the information short and to the point and include your contact information at the top of the page.




For more information on how I can help you avoid foreclosure contact me at or call 800-788-8508.


And then put your information on short sales or how you will help them avoid a foreclosure below. Include a few testimonials as well.


As always, include specific area property searches within your main sales area on your homepage so that people can get to the homes for sale they want in one click which will reduce their impatience and confusion which then leads to caution, indecision and abandonment of your website.


Include a tool like Top Producers Market Snapshot or another similar tool for sellers to find out their homes value. And do NOT just put Sign-Up for Market Snapshot. This does not tell people anything about why they should sign-up or what they will get from it. You know what Market Snapshot is, but most likely your website visitor does not.


Better: "How is the real estate market doing? Find out your homes value now!" as a link below your graphic leading people to your Home Values Tool.


Take it out.


Take out all the information that does not meet the criteria listed above. A good idea is to either inactivate the pages, or if you have to delete them, copy the content from the pages you are going to take out into a word document and then save this in a folder on your computer so that you can access it later if you need to.




Give it a few months and see how your website conversion does. It will very likely increase as people find what it is they are looking for much faster with little confusion.


Now Drive Traffic


Once your website is able to let people get the information they want quickly and easily, you can start concentrating on driving more traffic to it with the confidence that your website will finally be the online lead generating tool you hoped it would be.

[1] eWayDirect - Strategic Marketing

[2] MarketingExperiments

Scott Pierce is the founder and head trainer of Listings-to-Leads, a leading provider of lead generation tools for real estate brokers and agents on Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, SEO and other online marketing products. Scott Pierce was formerly the Director of Online Marketing at a leading Sotheby's International  Realty affiliate. Listings-to-Leads generate more leads for brokers and agents using their listings, the number one searched item by online consumers.

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