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2010-07-20 19:48:05

Why You Should Hire a Staten Island Moving Company

There are several reasons why you may want to hire a Staten Island moving company instead of moving yourself. If you use a professional moving company the job is more likely to go smoothly. Don't underestimate what an experienced mover can do. With their experience and know how they are often able to move heavier items with less difficulty. You could also expect them to be able to pack the truck strategically, drive the van more efficiently and load and unload with ease. Professionals can also get it done faster.

However make sure you choose the right Staten Island moving company. Thoroughly research companies. Try the yellow pages, the internet and even ask friends and families if they have had positive experiences with any Staten island moving companies. Find out from the company if they are licensed and insured. Make sure to check their licensed and insured status. Also check the better business bureau to see if any complaints have been filed about them. You can find out if they have references and make sure to check them. Inquire about what movers will be on your job and how long they have been with their company.

Another factor you will want to consider and compare prior to making your decision is price. If you are deciding whether or not to hire a Staten Island mover consider the cost of something going wrong if you do it yourself. Also find out what supplies the mover may bring. Factor in the cost of fuel and you may find out you are saving money or headaches by hiring a professional rather than doing it yourself. Price shop by contacting your local moving companies. Inquire about the price and make sure to find out what their quote includes so you can compare apples to apples.

If the Staten Island moving company is thorough they will ask you certain questions prior to your move as well. They will want to know your to and from locations, date of move, whether you are moving a house or an apartment, how many rooms and a list of items. If the company is not asking these questions you should consider the reason why. A thorough company should be concerned with these factors when providing a quote.

Be thoughtful when scheduling the movers. Ensure enough time for you to pack and label thoroughly. Organize the boxes in a manner that makes sense. Put the heaviest, largest boxes closest to the door so they can go on the bottom in the truck. Wrap glass items in the boxes in bubble wrap or newspaper. Mark boxes as fragile appropriately. Also mark each box with the destination room for ease of moving.

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