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2011-07-19 19:35:20

Why the Fear?

I find it somewhat insane the fear that that so many Realtors have had implanted into their brains by their Brokers regarding 100% Commission companies.

Of course the average old horse and buggy, brick and mortar Broker is going to try and scare the you know what out of the Realtors; regarding joining a 100% commission company. That’s because there is absolutely no common sense in today’s age for a Realtor to continue to give their Broker a large portion of their commission.

I hear all the false hoods from the horse and buggy, traditional brick and mortar Brokers. It runs the gamut from no support ( everyone of our Realtors will tell you our support is better than the support they received from their old horse and buggy Broker ), to training ( we offer as much or more training than the horse and buggy Broker ) to they love me, how could they ever leave me.

It’s all bunk!

I dare anyone that reads this article to pick up the phone and call any of our Realtors and ask them about our company and our support system. Below is a quote I received just today from a 20 year Coldwell Banker Realtor that joined us.

We love Allison James!!!!! Even you are "approachable"!!!! And we love Ken Moon. He is an absolutely outstanding broker!!!!! We have never had that "what have we done" feeling! We've known all along that this is a wonderful company and we're so glad we joined!


Barb & Larry

So I ask you the Realtor, if you could keep 100% of your commissions, get better support than you currently get, be associated with a National Brokerage, and receive outstanding training, why do you continue to give away a large portion of you commissions to your broker?

I know if you stopped giving away your hard earned commission, that you generated to your Broker, that you’re Broker would probably not be able to take that exotic vacation, or put their children in private schools, or buy the new Mercedes, but so what.

It’s time to put that extra $20,000, $50,000 even $100,000 in your pocket staring immediately.

Last year our top Realtor put over $ 1.5 million in their pocket and only paid Allison James Estates and Homes $2,950.00 for the entire year. Yes! That’s right! ONLY $2,950

Every day of the week we have top producers joining Allison James Estates and Homes that in the past year gave their Broker more than $50,000 of their hard earned commission.

Again I ask why a Realtor would do this. Do you need the Broker to hold your hand? Do you need the Brokers computers to function? Do you need the Brokers copier? Did the Broker give you all your buyers? I suspect the answer to any of these questions is a resounding NO!

So do yourself a favor today. Look at what you paid your Broker last year out of your hard earned commission, and decide how much of that money your Broker actually earned for you, or deserves.

If the answer is very little, then go to and find out why in just 3 ½ years Allison James Estates and Homes has grown to encompass 15 states with almost 600 Realtors. I guarantee, it will be worth your time.

James A. Crumbaugh III is the CEO and Founder of Allison James Estates and Homes, a National Virtual Real Estate Brokerage. You may reach Mr. Crumbaugh at

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