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2010-05-07 15:41:55

Why Should I Use a Licensed Real Estate Agent?


If you are arrested and taken to jail wouldn’t you want a Defense Attorney who knows the inns and the outs of the Law to fight on your behalf? Or would you prefer a lawyer who was just called to the bar and has no experience? Personally I would go for the former and not the latter.

The same logic applies to having an estate agent fight for your real estate needs. On one hand you have a well educated estate agent whose day to day job is real estate, on the other hand you have your buddy who thinks he knows real estate, but his day job is an a/c repair technician. Who would you rather be looking after your best interests? The answer is clear.

A licensed estate agent has chosen real estate as their career so they have studied the law, passed courses and exams, earned designations in specific real estate fields, and work in the industry on a daily basis.

A licensed estate agent has the knowledge and experience to handle your real estate needs whether you are in the market to purchase or whether you are looking to sell. They have an extensive network of contacts within the real estate industry including, but not limited to, estate agents, appraisers, brokers, attorneys and architects.

The Bahamas Real Estate Association governs the real estate industry in The Bahamas and they have a fairly current online list of licensed estate agents throughout The Bahamas Islands which you can peruse at any time.

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