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2009-03-04 16:11:46

Why Did The Deer Cross The Road?


Lest we forget, we have been here before. Whether you’re about to leap from a plane, speak to of a group or sleep for the first time without a night-light, the feeling is the same. A keen and twisted knot in your stomach, coupled with thoughts of disaster that race through every corner of your mind.

Then you jump, or speak; or finally, after a few secure moments with mom, you nod off and fall asleep. Then, when it’s over, you feel newly strong and bold.

Till the next time.
If the experience goes well, you may absorb a little confidence and the fear may subside. Should the monsters appear from under your bed though, you will still need mama to sit with you. Eventually though, the monsters go away and you ask for a lock on your door to keep Mom and Dad out.
The most profound teacher I know is a deer. Take that overused expression, “Like a deer in the headlights.”
Speaking as an industry, is that us? Do we see the imminent danger ahead and simply freeze? Do we wait for the oncoming car to gently come to a halt so we may take the time to stagger forward and wander back to the woods?
I say it’s time to accept the present tense. This is not a bad market, changed market, nor is it any of the other overused buzzword-adjectives. It’s THE market, which defines the market we are currently in, no matter the circumstances. Not to throw in another tired phrase, but the only real constant is change.
I don’t believe that hand wringing or freezing up like that deer will create income for the average realtor. I say, get off the road before an oncoming truck hits you and it’s too late.
Wild deer have it right. When the food sources dry up, they simply look harder. They are relentless and that is why you may find them on the highways at night. Deer take risks, cause that may be the only path to survival.
As an independent contractor, you wake up unemployed every day. You are used to getting out in the real estate world to hunt for prospects and follow up on leads that didn’t exist yesterday. Not much different than grazing through the woods in search of nuts, berries and maybe someone’s backyard flowers for your supper.
The only difference between now and a few years ago, is less food (business) and it is tougher to obtain. As happens in the wild, less food means the hardier survive and eventually there is less competition for the eats. Seems the deer figure out new places to look and sometimes find new types of food to eat. The most interesting thing is they never stop looking. They either eat or they go away to die.
Good lessons from deer.
Mike Butson is a real estate practiioner and a RealTown Blog member. He specializes in real estate fianance and marketing. Check out his RealTown Blog. 

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