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2011-04-11 21:23:15

Who Else Wants To Learn How To Do Simple Video?

Video is one of the hottest things on the web right now and any agent that is not using it will be at such a disadvantage that it's almost criminal.


  • 200 million videos are viewed every single day on cell phones
  • 2 billion videos/day on You Tube
  • using VIDEO you have a 50X better chance of ranking on page 1 of GOOGLE
  • 73 percent of homeowners would more likely to list with someone using VIDEO
  • ONLY .8 percent of Realtors are using VIDEO !

Today's consumers are not asking for agents to be video savvy .. They Are Demanding It ... and if you can't provide this medium to them they will find an agent that will.

Now video is not as hard as you may think. In fact video cameras today are affordable, easy to use and with a bit of effort, you can even master the editing software to create engaging videos that people will actually want to watch and share.

The folks here at Real Town have asked me to share with you just that ... simple strategies to help you to produce your own videos.

Each week I will post a new video or article that will help you master this powerful medium ... BUT ... here's the catch.

I am asking you to submit your questions to help me create the kind of content that you need.

Together we can grow a vibrant video community that's based upon sharing ideas that will actually make you money.

Get started now by entering your most burning question about using video in your real estate practice today.

All Good Wishes,

Michael Krisa
That Interview Guy

Also, click here to gain access to my complimentary 5 part video series and a special report!


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