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2011-06-04 04:19:26

Who do you really get dress for when you get up to face the world?

What you wear says so much about who you are, and who you are will make some people really like you and others not as much. Of course, clothing < \ > and looks are superficial things, so before deciding whether or not you like someone you should probably give their personality a chance.

Having said that, fashion, style and looks are a great way to make a first impression. It's not a secret that walking into a room looking, bold, brave and beautiful will get heads turning, just as wearing something boring and plain won't make people think twice.


There is though, a fine balance between drawing too much attention to yourself and just the right amount. You don't need to look like Lady Gaga to make an impression. The biggest step is understanding your environment. So if you're attending a work party you might want to impress by wearing a stylish navy blue blazer, some dazzling cufflinks and a killer pair of shoes. If you're going to a rock concert < \ > you might opt for the latest style of leather jacket < \ >, some tight black trousers you just bought and bold accessories that scream 'I know how to rock and roll!' If you're festivalling at a modern-day Woodstock then get out your most stylish peasant skirt, leather flats and embroidered bag. It's your time to let your hair down and chill out. Being stylish often means standing out while fitting in.  

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