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2011-03-26 05:38:28

What to Deal With before Buying a New Home

When marketing for a new home, we are often constrained and pushed by the fact that we have to get a new home.  We often dismiss the importance of the materials that the house is made of, the environment and other important profile which is very critical and will form part of our living in that specific place.

They said "nothing feels like home" but how can we achieve it if the environment is chaotic or the house itself is full of unwanted features, or  if we are guilty of what they call "house poor".  A very huge house with zero fixtures on it.

You can always play Nancy Drew on the desired neighborhood.  How does it feel to be a local there on a Friday or Saturday nights.  This is the busiest time of the week and you would surely encounter the place at its peak.  The environment, the traffic, the overall picture of the household in the area.  Do you think you would gonna love the outcome of being here?  You could always try to set up bonding with the locals.  You can ask them more about the neighborhood.  How does it feel to be there?  Do you think these neighbors are the types of persons that you would want to live next to?  

How about the presence of teenagers or youngsters, planning to have drag race or gang fight?  Is this the description of neighborhood that's safe to live with?  If you are near the school dormitory or apartment, is it as impressive in schooldays compared with the weekends?  What if they have music or band practice or have party all through the night?

How about the immediate school or college?  The recreation center, the church and the hospital?  What are the programs enforced for the neighborhood?  Things that you can explicit while you not yet into the area.  If you are a family with children, you would also take into consideration how safe are they in the area, their play time, the environment, would it be perfect for them and their growth and their over all welfare and development.

You can also park your car on one street on a broad daylight.   You can have an idea how's the street like during that time.  How's your everyday driving be like? How's the traffic?  How about the everyday commute in cases of car breakdown?  Is the street safe for walking?  

Buying a new home can be very overwhelming if you don't know what to consider.  You need to do your excellent examination not just on the property but on the total package, the place and the neighborhood.

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