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2011-07-20 17:01:55

What Makes A TrustWorthy Brand?

What does a ‘Brand’ really mean? It means ‘trust.' Nordstroms, In And Out Burgers, Chapman University, and the Girls Scouts top the list of the most trustworthy brands in Orange County; according to the most recent issue published by OC Metro Magazine. But, what goes into building a trustworthy brand and how can we apply it to our real estate business? Here are a 5 key factors in trust building:

  • Your Bond
  • Attitude
  • Sincerity
  • Confidentiality
  • Consistency

Your Bond — There was once a time where a man’s word was his bond. Your clients entrust in you to deliver what you promise.

Attitude — Good people do business with good people. A positive–take charge attitude is #1 thing your prospects and clients notice first.

Sincerity — Your clients can spot a fake a mile away. Being genuine and sincere about your clients feeling, thoughts, concerns, and actions is paramount when building solid relationships.

Confidentiality — Can you really trust a ‘big mouth’? Exercising confidentiality is very important to your clients.

Consistency — No one like uncertainty; it makes us feel uneasy. Being consistent with your service and delivery is extremely important. Consistency is one of the key factors why In-and-Out burger is so successful; you know you’re getting a great hamburger each and every time.


Building your brand is more than just fancy logos, catchy slogans, and advertising; it’s about building a foundation of trust.




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Reuben is a highly recognized marketing consultant and graphic guru. He has been a brand and marketing specialist in Real Estate since 2001 in the highly competitive Southern California market. Reuben has worked closely with many Top Producers-Brokers all around the world to develop their brand and marketing campaigns. Using this inside knowledge and graphic skills, Reuben has developed a unique product called Turn-Key Flyer Templates. His product is a quick, simple, and professional solution for DIY flyer creation. Turn-Key Flyer templates are the first ever High-Definition "PDF" Listing Flyer Templates. No design software needed. Ready to use - fill in the blanks easy.

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