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2010-12-23 06:33:09

What is Tungsten and How do you Find Tungsten Rings?

Who would have thought that gold would ever be passé? There is a growing market for wedding bands made of just about everything under the sun. If you want to findtungsten ringsyou should know that most of the myths circulated about this material are false and that it is remarkably simple to get a beautiful ring in record time.

Tungsten – a Metal with Class
Found on the elemental table you remember from chemistry class, tungsten is element number 74 and goes by the chemical symbol W. Used mainly in electrical applications, this metal is particularly dense, resulting in heavy jewelry which is incapable of bending. It has been used in incandescent bulbs and military applications, but most people today just want it for a ring.

Myths or Misconceptions?

Becausetungsten ringsis so dense many people believe the myth that someone who wears a tungsten ring would have to give up their finger to remove the ring in an emergency. This is simply untrue. While the rings won’t bend, they can be broken or sawed. In fact, because they won’t bend, they are probably safer in a situation where your finger is crushed by something heavy.
Some folks think that tungsten is too heavy to wear every day. While it is heavier than other metals used in rings, it isn’t so heavy that it is uncomfortable. Tungsten creates a solid, substantial ring that is more commonly used to make men’s rings than women’s rings, but you can certainly get both made from the metal.

Advantages of Tungsten

In addition to the fact that tungsten won’t bend, it offers several other advantages. Tungsten will keep its polish and shine forever. It will never scratch or bend which means your ring will look just as good 20 years from now as it does when you purchase it. If you prefer an inlaid or decorative ring, those too are available. Just make absolutely sure about your decision since there is no way to resize such a ring.

For many people tungsten can be a fine choice if they have allergies to lower karat gold. The caveat is that tungsten is often mixed with nickel, a substance that can cause allergic reactions in some. It is best to ask in advance when purchasing your rings.

Where do you Find Tungsten Rings?

Right about now, you want to know how to get your own tungsten ring. Some jewelers are now stocking a small selection of tungsten rings, but since they can’t size them, they require that the individual who wishes to purchase one actually fit the existing selection. A better solution is to shop for your ring online.
You can find many choices in tungsten online, just make sure you know what your ring size is. It is probably worth your while to stop at a traditional jewelry shop to have your finger sized before you start searching online; that way you are certain to get the right ring. Whether you want one embedded with diamonds or one inlaid with gold or platinum, there is a ring designed specifically for you. 

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