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2007-06-13 13:00:00

What is the Secret to Publishing a Great Blog?

Real estate educators meet REALTOR/Blogger Mary Pope-Handy on the silver screen at their annual conference in St. Louis.What is the secret to publishing a great blog? What makes a blog shine brighter than 100 million other blogs?

I've been pondering this question all week during the the Real Estate Educators Assn. annual conference in St. Louis, MO, where blogging is one of the hot topics drawing large crowds.

On Monday, national real estate tech trainer Amy Chorew of Matthew Ferrara  and Company, chairman of the REEA Technology Committee, presented "Blogs, Podcasts and Other Multimedia For Your Business" to a packed room of educators.

On Tuesday, Distinguished Real Estate Instructor (DREI) John Reilly of RealTown greeted another large audience of leading educators, association education directors, national speakers, and trainers, and university professors at the PEG Technology session and focused more attention on real estate blogs.

RealTown real estate blogger Mary Pope-Handy was a featured guest both days. Mary was not there in person, but she was present in PowerPoint screen shots and larger than life in streaming video on a big screen at the front of the class. Her blog, Live in Los Gatos, contains many of the structural and mechanical elements that make her blog a good stop for real estate buyers and sellers, and it offers abundant good information about life in the Silicon Valley. Mary has a clean and professional writing style and she uses original photos that are crisp, colorful, and aptly illlustrate her content.

There are lots of good thoughts online about the latest tools that bloggers can use to dress up their blogs ... but there is one ingredient that trumps the rest -- Passion.

Passion is the ingredient that tells the reader that the blogger cares about the subject.

Passion makes the words come alive.

And passion speaks louder than widgets. A short history of the Blogosphere proves the point. The Inman Blog, one of the pioneering blogs of the real estate industry, rested on a simple Blogger platform for years. The pre-eminent blog in the real estate industry found new digs at TypePad last year, but the bloggers at Inman have always relied more on passion, attitude, and provocative content to set a standard than digital tricks of the trade.

The Property Grunt, Curbed, and others attracted readers with a snarky flavor. Joeann Fossland's blog has a regular realty readership looking for bits and pieces of personal inspiration.

Mary Pope-Handy has a passion for Los Gatos that is far more subtle than the combative or ethereal passion of her bloggy counterparts but equally effective in a destination centric real estate blog.

Google has not designed a passion meter yet. We still rely on hearts and soulful countenance as measuring devices ... and where there is heart and soulful countenance coupled with an ability to share them with words and illustrations there is a very good blog.  

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