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2011-05-17 21:33:22

What Do Property Managers Do?

It is dependent on the management company and what type of property is being managed. Office space has diverse needs than retail store space or an apartment complex. In this post I am going to include which solutions you can anticipate from a management company overseeing a residential property.

Listed below are the main features of a property management company’s duties.

    1.  Study rental rates and set the rent.
    2.  Develop and arrange ads (online and local).
    3.  Prep and display to the unit to prospective tenants.
    4.  Process and screen tenant applications.
    5.  Collect the rent.
    6.  Handle late tenants (sometimes includes evictions).
    7.  Go to court to represent landlord when necessary.
    8.  Regularly examine the property on the interior and outside.
    9.  Offer accounting solutions including monthly financial reviews
    10. Take care of inside and outside maintenance and repairs

Even though many companies provide these functions, property owners should by no means believe that their management company will or won’t be executing these solutions. All management services should be discussed in depth up front, including any additional fees. Soon after the agreement should be reviewed to guarantee it is in line with what was discussed and there are no surprises. A lot of the disputes that arise are brought on by a misunderstanding of who would be doing what and how the partnership would work. Make sure everything is laid out clearly up front to avoid conflict down the road.  Check and double check the contract to ensure everybody will be on a similar page.

In conclusion, remember that it's not just what the management company achieves but how they do it. They will be stewarding one of the most beneficial property so guarantee you do your groundwork previously and interview more than one management company.


Written content By: The Property Management Boutique - Property Management San Diego


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