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2011-04-01 09:55:00

What Do I Need to Know About Cheap Christian Audigier Mens Jeans

You have probably seen women wearing their Cheap Christian Audigier Mens Jeans, but nowadays it's no wonder to see men wearing them around. Skinny jeans, often called cigarette pants, can now be seen amongst skaters, emo kids and rockers. Each day they are becoming more and more worn and you are probably wondering now whether you should try them on. And the best answer is yes!

If you decide to wear this type of Mens Christian Audigier Clothing, you have to be a person who doesn't care what others say. Some will even probably hate your guts for wearing those jeans. But for instance, let's take a look at some of the skaters out there - some of them say they wear these jeans to tell people they don't care what others think of them.

For years, men have been wondering what's in those tight jeans for them. When asked if he ever considered of wearing skinny jeans, the rapper Jay Z said that he doesn't wear any kind of skinny jeans because his "nuts" won't fit into them. That was clearly an ad hoc argument for not wearing this type of jeans, because most skinny jeans are slightly looser in that part of your body. All you have to do is try on some pairs and find the right ones that fit you perfectly!

One of the biggest advantage of wearing tight jeans is that they match both high top and low top sneakers. You can also easily match them with a pair of some nice leather boots. Some brown leather boots with tight black jeans would make a perfect couple.

There's just one tip - when you are picking a type of skinny jeans, do not ever choose the ones that you like more or the ones the others tell you to buy. Always choose the ones that make you feel comfortable and don't look back. Now you have a perfect look! Enjoy it.

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