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2009-01-30 19:47:41

Westport Real Estate: A Passion for the Positive In This Negative State


I am so tired of all the negative statistics, the finger pointing, and the depressed language describing our market conditions. Yes I know you are probably sitting on a listing that is not selling after many ads, new photos and new copy for so many assorted magazines to sell your home…why should you be optimistic?
First of all,  remember why are we here in Westport to begin with? This is the most wonderful place to grow…investing in our futures…giving back to a community that is rich in history, full of vibrant, interesting, caring people, and of course… our magnificent location…. on the sparkling sound…shining like alot of our star residents…and actually the one town that seems to have the most amenities in all of Fairfield County. How lucky we all are…
What I see in the market are buyers who are looking for value, and yes, they are looking here because of what I mentioned above. We have the greatest community attracting people from all over the world. No matter what has happened in the past with declining real estate markets, Westport has always held its own and maintained a steady growth. Yes we have a “repositioning” of prices in real estate here as in the rest of the country, but we will always have a demand for the town we all love…Westport. We have to be positive. There is a huge potential for profit in that particular type of thinking…don’t forget when there is any market change in anything… someone is making a profit somewhere…
Buyers are looking for value as I said before. Yes there are buyers out there!!! If you do not price your home accordingly to give a buyer a perception of value then your house will sit no matter what the marketing is.
Listen to your real estate professional when selling. Do not stand for anyone who will give you the old market analysis song and dance of this sold for what…the market is now!!!! The whole idea is to sell and yes…to sell for the highest price…
What else is on the market right now that is comparable to your home? It is assumed you will have the best presentation possible. Leave nothing for the imagination, put your best foot forward. Yyou have only a few weeks at the beginning to create that buyers energy that will make someone put in an accepted offer on your house. There is a glut right now of homes for sale, and a stagnant pool of buyers just waiting. People want to move and buy your home, but their own home is on the market and it is priced too high…this makes for frustration and again pessimism in the market place…
Again, pricing. I am going to say it again: creating that perception of value to make a buyer want your house. Price your home less than the best comparable on the market right now to your home
Yes. That is a scary concept I know…. but see the “energy” that that makes…create the BUZZ…get everyone talking about your house. You will probably have a bidding war and get over what you original had your house listed for ! Most homeowners wait too long to do this right now and they reduce their listing price after much pain….and time…. and then…amazingly…. it sells…and yes…that other home you wanted is gone.
Let’s get the market moving positive again…that means no more negative outlook on the current market in Westport. It is the positive real estate “story” that makes for the greatest potential in profits…homes are selling and buyers are ready and very capable to buy. I will not tell you what you want to hear and price your home above the market… only to get your listing…. then it sits and hurts you even more if you need to sell.
Time is money…but what I will tell you is the truth …there is a price in this market that will sell your house even if there is so much negativism in the marketplace. We have the best marketing tools available in real estate…that is a given… my feelings for Westport and the optimistic feeling I have for the real estate market here goes beyond the normal and mundane marketing of your home
No. This is not a a “Pollyanna” syndrome…but a wake up call to get the market moving again and realize there are buyers out there waiting to buy your home. And then you yourselves can move on to enjoy your fabulous next purchase…(bought with your “new found, positive perception of value”)…hopefully right here in Westport.
This is the first article I will be writing of positive outlooks for real estate in Westport and the surrounding areas. Look for future articles about the best that Westport has to offer. I interview the best in contractors, designers, architects, mortgage companies, etc…asking them the “hot” real estate questions everyone wants the answers to…
Want more ????
Look for more real estate articles on my Luxe Properties Site  -- marketing and reporting about luxury homes all over the world. Also check out my web site at for all the listings and real estate information you need to buy or sell.
Julia Broder Luxe Properties, is an agent with The Riverside Realty Group a boutique real estate firm in Westport, Connecticut…she can be reached at 203-226-8300.


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