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2010-11-21 16:55:54

wedding dresses

marriage and the illegal marriage, can it with premarital sex, NaQie, PinJu, the premarital cohabitation etc. Phenomenon to distinguish, and should be avoided and marriage, marriage  wedding dress  law such as read confuse STH with STH else. In both sexes the combining basic it is marriage natural level of meaning. Gender physiological difference, human inherent sexual instinct, is the formation of natural   celebrity dresses  factors on marriage, marriage is inherent in nature, this natural attributes are marriage is distinguished from other important features of social relations, if not all of natural factors, human societyparty dresses  simply not possible marriage. Throughout the history of marriage, marriage is the combination of both sexes for connotation. Engels "family, private ownership and the origins of nation," a text, not only   juicy couture handbagsstudies the origin and development of marriage, but also to the future society of marriage made suppose. Obscurantism era and the barbarous ages win system, dual marriage system of marriage is between heterosexual, and the combination of civilization ages adapted to adultery and prostitution for added monogamy, from the name itself shows   prom dresses  that it is the men and women of the sexes combined. From Engels to monogamy origin analysis, more can see its iPersonal demand is people's behavior basis and impetus, these demand must be satisfied, the following requirements in marriage and family life is especially important: (1) the   mermaid wedding dresses -- in marriage is the most important and should be first meet love's aspirations and marital love also should contain be honest, responsible and give the attitude and downy adaptability. (2) security - women more than men need, in other words, she depends more on the man,cheap wedding dressesethics and economic capacity are also part of the security. (3) confidence - everyone needs recognition ajuicy couturend praise or equal treatment, a couple more have this need. A marriage encourage each other, increase the other self-confidence, there is. 4.more birth - normal  designer wedding dresses  marriage also meet each other sexual needs, having children more natural development, totally reject fertility will lead to the cracks in the marriage life. [familial authority -- in the family of menager authority. Children in the family learn to accept authority, can grow up in the society respect for  cocktail dresseslaw and authoritative. 2. Careful irrigation marriage: (1) to destroy the flower beds, relationship beevening dresses tween husband and wife should be alert to avoid damaging the misoperation language or meaningless arguments. (2) to make more at ordinary times family life helpful friend, exchange of family life different opinions. (3) couples also need  bridesmaid dresses often review of marital life, seek to improve. 4.more conflict, quarrel, cold war is inevitable, because everyone has impulses, urgent is put into every conflict, learn to open in  wholesale wedding dresses dividual growth experience of mind, to face the reality. But love and think of each other, can dissolve everything. Marriage and family is love's flower bed, flower bed must have plenty of roomwedding dresses  to grow, planned plant, sometimes to digging the, sometimes fertilization, sometimes to transplant, sometimes must battle. Flowers to see season, different season, the open flowers is different also, the marriage life has four seasons change, each season has different 

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