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2010-11-16 12:41:02

WebPro Realty Launches Full-Scale Operations

The moment we have been preparing for so avidly for has finally come upon us: the launch of full-scale operations.





Developing our business model has been an interesting path, one that started initially with a heart-felt discussion about the state of the Realty Industry in Florida….a discussion that centered around the analysis of what steps a Sales Associate would need to pursue in order to make a viable living as we all work through this part of the economic cycle. The reality is, whether anyone likes it or not, is that transaction pace and average sales price per transaction has moderated from the first half of the last decade. That leaves every Sales Associate asking the same core question: “What can I do to make as much as I used to make?”


That sole question is what we have sought to answer, and elements of that answer include:


  1. Understand how the consumer shops for property TODAY
  2. Understand how the consumer selects their Sales Associate to represent them
  3. Create a set of marketing tools that enables the Sales Associate to effectively reach their target market
  4. Leverage technology to improve operational efficiency
  5. Create a commission program that enables the Sales Associate to retain a far greater component of the gross commissions of any given transaction

WebPro Realty’s solution is un-matched in its ability to improve the earnings of the experienced Sales Associate. Please take a good look at all of the tools we offer the Associate so they may be the “best that they can be”. We don’t know of any other brokerage model that offers so much, for so little.


That’s EXACTLY what we intended to achieve.


We welcome all interested parties to contact us at your convenience. You’ll be glad you did!



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