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2010-04-29 21:42:53

Warp Speed Warrior Arming REALTORS with Mobile Cloud Technology

When I am out presenting Smartphone and Technology classes often I am asked, “What’s the next big thing that is coming?” First if I knew, you think I would tell anybody and not be investing my money? I don’t have any insider information, but I’m willing to share what really isn’t the next big thing, but the next big phrase, Mobile Cloud Technology. 
Most of us already use it on our Smartphones. Some just use it more then others. The easiest way to explain Mobile Cloud Technology is Facebook or Twitter. Facebook and Twitter is not on your Smartphone. Rather the front end or app is what we see and manage. The app talks directly to a website. That’s how folks either in front of computer or mobile device see your posts and tweets.
Now I don’t think the Smartphone of the future will just be a box of hyperlinks. Your apps will maintain information and in some cases download updated information to help you with your life.
Each of us will design our own Mobile Cloud based on what products and services you want with you all the time. Most folks start with a small cloud and build it into a full fledge hurricane: Calendar, contacts, email, social networking, MLS information, YouTube, accessing your home computer, Google mapping with GPS and Skype to just name a few. 
But with all good things there may be a dark side which I need to explain. Data is the term to explain what our internet capable phones consume when working with the mobile cloud. Every time we check email or look at a website we consume data from the towers unless we are working Wi-Fi at a hot spot. 
You might think, “Big deal I get unlimited data.” We’ll sorry, but that might change. Smarter people than me are predicting that by 2012 we are going to crash the network because the carriers are not upgrading the system. Let me share some facts.
Today 84% of all data is consumed by two devices the iPhone and the Droid. You do the math. 16% is now being consumed by all the Blackberry’s, Palms and Window devices in this country. As more people switch to Super Phones (earlier article) which are the iPhone, Droid, Pre and Nexus One, we will see even more consumption.
Today we use 8 Petabytes a month of data.  By 2015, forecasters suggest we will consume 327 Petabytes a month. That is a 40 fold growth. Oh by the way, a Petabyte is Quadrillion bytes or 1,000,000,000,000,000. Today we have 84 million internet capable mobile devices. By 2015 it’s estimated to be 158 million. Hmm, wonder what might happen to help pay for the network upgrade.
Let’s not dwell on the negative. Let’s talk about how you design your Mobile Cloud. Before we start designing our cloud, we need to ask ourselves, “Do we have the Smart or Super phone to support what we need to live our life untethered to a computer?”
Many of you have already started building your Mobile Cloud.  If you access email or websites you need to decide what tools will help you with your life. Many of us hate to go to the 31 flavor ice cream store because there are too many choices. Well, I just finished building slides for a class and found that today we have over 300,000 apps to choose from.
In closing, talk to people that are already active with a mobile cloud. Find out what they are using and love. BUT be careful and remember the average Smartphone user is only using about 20% of the phone.
For more on Smart Phones, visit the Outsmart Your Smart Phone Group on RealTown.
Dick Betts
National Real Estate Speaker

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