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2010-08-12 18:43:28

Virtual Culture VS Freedom Shops

I keep hearing other Brokers and Brokerages refer to our company as just another Freedom Shop. That bothers me, because obviously they have not bothered to investigate or learn what the Virtual Culture is.

Now if these Brokers mean we’re a Freedom Shop because we don’t require our Realtors® to attend sales meetings, then yes - we offer our Realtors® Freedom. If these Brokers mean we’re a Freedom Shop because we don’t require our Realtors® to do floor time, then yes we are a Freedom Shop. If these brokers mean we’re a Freedom Shop because our Realtors® are free to conduct their business in an honest and ethical way and not give part of their hard-earned commission to the Broker, then yes we are a Freedom Shop.

However, that is where we, the Virtual Culture, and the so-called Freedom Shops part ways. Freedom Shops are typically a company that has a small office space for several hundred Realtors® to come in and use when they want to. The typical Freedom Shop is still built around a Brick and Mortar environment, but it lacks a lot of support that a Brick and Mortar environment should give to the Realtor®.

What we have found in trying to buy up several of these Freedom Shops is that they also don’t attract the Top Producers. Their Realtor® averages three (3) sales per year or less. So what we see is that the typical Freedom Shop attracts the part-time Realtors® and the low producers.

The Virtual Culture, which we are, is an entirely different animal.

We have no Brick and Mortar offices, unless a Top Producer chooses to open his or her very own office. We give our Realtors® total freedom to conduct their business as they see fit. We give to our Realtors® everything that I gave my Realtors® when I owned all my Prudential Franchises - the very same tools only via the Internet. We give our Realtors® unparalleled support. We are there for them on a 24/7 basis. We have their backs on all compliance issues. We have excellent Brokers. The corporate office understands that our Realtors® are our customers, and they better treat the Realtors® as the gold that they are.

Our Virtual Culture Realtors® average 10+ sales per year. Way above the National Average.

The Realtors® who are attracted to the Virtual Culture are full time, average 5+ years in the business, are extremely independent, and they also honor the Golden Rule and as a result are very compliant.

We believe that among the 50,000+ Realtors® who are already in the 100% companies throughout the industry, we are the “ReMax of the Virtual Culture”.

We attract the best of the best. We don’t hire, nor do we recruit inexperienced Realtors®. We don’t hire nor do we recruit part-time Realtors®. We want to be known as the best of the best in the industry.
Next year we expect to do a Billion Dollars in Volume in only our 3rd full year in the business. Our Top Producer last year did 399 sales for $88 million in volume.

There is a difference between Freedom Shops and the Virtual Culture.

James A. Crumbaugh III is CEO of Allison James Estates and Homes and may be reached at

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