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2010-05-18 19:56:45

Video E-mail Helps Create Good Experiences

If pictures are worth a thousand words, video must be worth a million. Since I have been responding to prospects and clients with video e-mail I’ve seen a shift in behaviors; my own included. 
My messages are shorter and more succinct and I get to preview how I appear to the recipient before I “pull the trigger” to send it. And, there is the benefit of inflection and tone that an e-mail just can’t mimic.
I know I’ve sent e-mails that when I went back days later I realize they lacked the real message I was trying to send. More often than not, we convey more by the way we write an email than what we say in it. Often hidden within the content are queues and “meta-messages” that we don’t even realize we are sending.
Using products like Attain Response and others provides a simple but effective means of making messages personal. I get t set the stage for the message with visual cues, dress, expression, tone and cadence of my speech. 
Plus, I can say in 3 seconds what it may take me 5 minutes to write out. Adding the “wow” factor is a clean, crisp template to house the video. When you are trying to stand out amongst peers and competitors, visual media can be a persuasive tool.
Recording a well thought-out message about regional statistics -- updated regularly -- can be a persuasive message. Pushing the same video to YouTube also brings you to prime time. For the price ($39.95 to $99.95 monthly) several services can provide a cost-effective “face lift” to the same old way of doing things. 
Just cruising around the internet there are a couple of video e-mail service providers: and  offering a wide range of services.
Mark Brownlow in his article, “Video E-mail: Current Practices”, describes what is happening with a great word picture. “While we were making eyes and blushing at social media, video email has quietly baked some muffins, spread a blanket and invited us to a rather promising picnic.” While social media has exploded in its use and penetration, video content has become a big deal. Internet users -just in the United States- viewed 14.8 billion."
PT Barnum said, “If you can get ‘em to the edge of the tent, I’ll get ‘em into the show”. The most common denominator amongst successful real estate agents is not a cool web site or even big dollar advertising programs. Staying power relies on people skills.
Video e-mail not only gives prospects an opportunity to see you and hear you, but begins to see how genuine you are. People chose to do business with people whom they know, like and trust. It is hard to establish a relationship with a new prospect through e-mail exchange or a few phone calls. In fact, before I began using video e-mail I would often hear, “You look different than I imagined”. 
Mark Finchem is a community based residential real estate expert in Tucson, AZ. He specializes in the Oro Valley. He and his team offer integrity without compromise, excellence in service through reliability, compassion for your individual circumstance, results from a Team approach to get things done!

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