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2008-02-21 23:57:00

VA Mortgage Center Releases Downloadable VA Home Loan Guide

Click here to download VA Home GuideVA Mortgage has released a free, downloadable VA Home Loan Guide. The 14-page PDF file addresses the aspects of VA Home Loans that make them unique from conventional loans. It also provides instructions for veterans to aid in obtaining their loan.

In recent years, VA Home Loans have been used by only 10% of eligible veterans. The main reason most experts believe this happens is that most veterans are unaware of the many benefits of using a VA Loan. With the housing and lending markets both suffering, Veterans should consider now more than ever the offerings of the VA program, which include no down payment requirement on a loan.

The unique benefits and looser requirements of a VA Loan make it the ideal choice for most Veterans. The subprime fallout only further that point.  

"Although interest in VA Loans over conventional financing is on an upswing, there are still many who do not realize the differences between a VA Loan and a conventional home loan," said CEO Nathan Long. "The unique benefits and looser requirements of a VA Loan make it the ideal choice for most veterans. The subprime fallout only further that point."

Along with describing the benefits of VA Home Loan, the guide also informs veterans of the special requirements associated with taking out a VA Home Loan. Unlike most conventional loans, VA Loans also have unique occupancy requirements and rules about what costs Veterans may or may not pay in the loan qualification process.

Other information featured in the guide includes discussion on credit requirements, foreclosure and bankruptcy requirements, and eligibility guidelines.

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