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2008-12-09 17:03:14

Using the Law of Attraction to Create Your Unique Version of the Holidays

What do you think of when you think of the Holidays?

If you’re like most people the first things you think of are the long lines, the massive amounts of traffic and the over emphasis on consumerism. What if this Holiday Season, you could turn that around by creating your own unique version? What would your version be like?

Using the Law of Attraction as our model, let’s explore how through the focusing of consciousness, you can magnetize more of what you desire. What would that be? Warmth, coziness, closeness of friends and family, peace and harmony?

The Law of Attraction:

The Law of Attraction is simple. There are basically 5 steps:
1. Clarify what you don’t want

2. Clarify what you do want

3. Clear your beliefs

4. Create your “desire statement”

5. Allow it to come to you
Step 1:
Clarify what you don’t want:
Take a piece of paper and draw a line vertically. Then an inch from the top draw a horizontal line, so you have two columns. On top of the left column, write “Don’t want” . So when it comes to the Holidays, what are those for you? Some examples might be stress, confusion, exhaustion, pressure and family feuds. Write those in the left column.
Step 2:
Clarify what you do want:
On top of the right hand column, write
“Do wants” Regarding the Holidays, what are those for you? Some examples might be love, harmony , peace, and joy. Write those and any others you can think of in the right column.

Step 3:
What hidden or not so hidden beliefs do you have that might get in the way of you receiving what you want?

Here’s some examples:
“My relatives never get along in Holiday gatherings”

“The more expensive my gifts, the more approval I’ll receive”

“There’s no way around the hustles and bustle”

“Every year someone gets sick”

“My income never meets my expenses during the Holidays”
When you have identified your self limiting and self sabotaging beliefs, ask yourself if you still want to hold onto them? If yes, then you’ll pretty much get what you’ve always gotten. If you decide you’re really ready to let them go. Then write a set of new beliefs that cancels out each and every one of the old ones.
For example, you could start to reprogram yourself to think that:
“ I can help to facilitate the interactions between my relatives and myself”
“ The only person’s approval I need is my own. I’ll give gifts from the heart”
“ I can create my pace to be any way I want. I give myself permission to experience balance this year.”
“ I visualize radiant health for myself and everyone”
“ I can figure out a way to raise my income or I can figure out a way to minimize my expenses. “
Once you have ridden your self of your old beliefs and created a whole new set of empowered beliefs, you are free to create your “desire statement.”
Step 4:
Create your Desire Statement:
Now that you have more clarity about what you don’t want and what you do want and you’ve cleared out the old beliefs, you’re ready to write your Desire Statement. It’s simple, just take your top 5 items of your Do Want list. Then make a statement of what it feels like to have them now.
What does it feel like to have a warm, cozy, relaxed Holiday Season that you custom designed? Write down all the emotional and physical feelings you get as you experience it happening right now. It’s similar to acting “as if”.
Read your Desire Statement aloud every day for at least 16 seconds. This is enough time for you to create a vibrational vortex. Remember like energy attract like energy. So you are making yourself extremely magnetic to having what you want.
Step 5:
Allow this to come to you:
How does one “allow”? To allow you must suspend your fears and doubts. Notice you don’t have to get rid of them, you just need to dis-identify from them. Keep your focus on what you want and give yourself supportive, encouraging self talk. Withdraw your energy from your fears and doubts and they will start shrinking.
So what does it feel like to have a Holiday Season that is unique to you? Relish in the enjoyment so you are ready to roll in the New Year.
Tip: When you find yourself focusing on the negative,
i.e. what you don't want, catch yourself and ask this question
instead, "So what do I want?" Then focus on that.

Dr. Maya Bailey, author of, Law of Attraction for Real Estate Professionals, integrates 20 years of experience as a psychologist and 12 years as a business coach with her expertise in the Law of Attraction. Her powerful work creates a success formula for real estate professionals ready to double and triple their incomes. Get Dr. Maya's free report, 7 Simple Strategies For More Clients in 90 DaysAlso, check out her new Success Program, designed to help you get focused , motivated, stay on track and create a Positive Mindset, no matter what.

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