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2007-05-02 14:30:00

Using Professional Audio in the Real Estate Industry

Don Hocott takes the guesswork out of audio production.As technology has increasingly woven itself into the very fabric of the real estate industry, the question has arisen more than once, “How do we maintain the warmth of personal contact in a virtual world”?

That’s the very goal of Gabriel Recording.

Gabriel Recording is a professional recording facility specializing in audio for our industry. Owner Dan Hocott spent over 25 years in the housing industry as REALTOR, home builder, remodeler and kitchen designer. Also a musician, he considered the housing industry his "day job" while at the same time maintaining a profitable recording studio. The dilemma was how to bring these two seemingly divers fields together. This was accomplished in 2005 when Hocott began to target his recording efforts to the industry he loved.

Today, Gabriel Recording is helping to guide the way into "warm technology." He creates a personal touch to the Internet revolution by adding audio –- voice and music -– to web sites, newsletters, and E-Learning. This can be as simple as a personal audio "Welcome Message"’ on a real estate web site, or as complex as a three-hour multi-media continuing education class on "Real Estate Ethics."

Hocott has worked in many facets of the industry. He helps real estate trainers and educators create audio and multi-media CDs/DVDs of their classes and seminars which they offer for sale at conferences and on-line. He provides script assistance, artistic direction, music and professional voice-over talent, as well as duplication and packaging.

Part of the move to warm technology is the podcasting boom. Still a mystery to many, Hocott demystifies the process and bring real estate podcasting to new markets. Gabriel Recording assists with format, script, web phone interviews, voice and music recording, as well as posting the finished podcast to the internet. He also compiles and edits audio recorded by others, creating a broadcast-ready program (check out the podcast of interview with Saul Klein and Amy Chorew on Single Sign-On).

Often the question is posed: “Can’t I create my own audio with simple PowerPoint software and the microphone that came with my computer?” Hocott has coined a word for this phenomenon which he calls ARBA, which stands for Audio Recording By Agent which he explains is similar to a FSBO -– “sure it can be done, but there are tools that a professional has that a do-it-yourself approach lacks –- experience, quality, knowledge, and,” he adds, “the right equipment”.

One of the most unique aspects of Hocott’s company is Remote Recording. Located in Connecticut, Gabriel Recording is central to thousands of real estate brokerages and agents, none of whom have the time to seek out a recording studio or audio producer. Hocott’s unique approach brings a compact remote recording studio right to the client and into the comfortable environment of their office or home, saving both time and money. He will travel anywhere in New England, New York and New Jersey. For those beyond geographical reach, Hocott explains that by utilizing Skype (an internet phone service), complete podcasts can be produced from anywhere in the world in his Connecticut studio.

Dan is also available on a consulting basis to assess individual audio needs and develop a product to satisfy your personal or company goals. For the more adventurous, Hocott can set up a professional recording studio for real estate agents and brokers in their own offices and train them to create their own pro audio programs.

(For more information or to contact Mr. Hocott, visit the Gabriel Recording web site:  or call him at 860-621-4978.)

(Amy Chorew of Matthew Ferrara and Company teaches REALTORS how to use technology. She is a Certified e-PRO Trainer and teaches CE, GRI and skill-development courses for REALTOR Associations and brokerages across America and Canada.)

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