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2010-06-28 03:55:45

Using Home Feature Categories to Generate Online Leads

In his article "Break free from cookie-cutter real estate" published at Inman News on June 15th, 2010, Gahlord Dewald states: 

"Where property data was once presented by a human being to another human being who could help filter it down to relevant options, today most data is available all the time to anyone who cares to look. Lots and lots of real estate data is available. Making sense of it all isn't so easy."


A major part of Mr .Dewald's article talks about using categories to organize data in order to make it more relevant to users and that in doing so you can break free from the cookie-cutter real estate websites that so often plague consumers like stale chips the day after a party.


On the same day Mr. Dewald's article was published, Inman News also published a survey by ZipRealty "Top 10 sought-after home features."


I am going to show you how to leverage the premise put forth by Gahlord along with the research published by ZipRealty to create content that will generate web traffic and leads back to you.


People search and research what interests them.


ZipRealty has completed a survey of homebuyers asking them what were the most sought after features in the home that they were looking to purchase.


The list, as compiled by ZipRealty is as follows:


1.   Garage or parking space: 86.8 percent
2.   Master suite: 78.9 percent
3.   Ample storage space: 72 percent
4.   Large or walk-in closets: 66.5 percent
5.   Guest bedroom: 66.4 percent
6.   Outdoor entertainment area: 64.3 percent
7.   Gourmet or updated kitchen: 60.6 percent
8.   Breakfast room or eat-in kitchen: 55.8 percent
9.   Large yard: 43.2 percent
10.  Wood floors: 40.8 percent

ZipRealty has just helped you develop an AMAZING online marketing content that you can use to drive traffic to your website or blog to generate traffic and leads!

Now that we know what people in general are interested in, see how this fits in your market. Once you have the list ordered from 1-10 for your market let's start using it to drive leads back to you!

The first thing you will want to do select 3-4 of the top features (what Mr. Dewald calls 'categories') and create FREE Pages in your website or blog:

(My top 5 are in bold italics)

1.   Homes with the Best Garages
2.   Homes with the Best Master Suites
.   Homes with the Best Storage
4.   Homes with the Best Closets
5.   Homes with the best Guest Bedrooms
6.   Homes with the Best Outdoor Entertainment Areas
7.   Homes with the Best Kitchens
8.   Homes with the Best Breakfast Rooms
9.   Homes with the Best Yards
10.  Homes with the Best Wood Floors

So to start, in your website or blog, create a page called "Homes With the Best Garages"

An easy and attractive way to organize your information is to create tables with 2 columns and 3 rows.  Click here to see what an example of a page using tables (2 rows/3 columns) that is quick to produce and easy to copy for your feature categories.



ONLINE MARKETING TIP: Create a template (a great one is linked to below) that you can easily copy and quickly update regularly. This is not only key for maintaining, but also will look better and be easier for people to read.



On the page, in one of the table boxes write 3-4 sentences about garages in your area. What do some of the best garages have? What are the common characteristics of them? Do people remodel them? Are there known problems with garages in your area that you can help people with? Make it brief and to the point.


Also create links that will let people email you for more information like this: 

Send me Homes for Sale with the Best Garages.

For each feature category page you create in your website, put a link to it in your online marketing, your website homepage, your email signature, etc.


Homes with the Best Garages

Repeat this for each feature category page you produce.


A great thing to do, that is also easy, is once a week, spend a couple of minutes writing a few sentences on a property listed for sale in your area that has an exceptional feature as appropriate for that feature category.


For the feature category for the garage page, write a couple of sentences about the best garage in a listing for sale that you saw for the week and then include a link to let people email you for that particular listing.


This is a great way to provide people with information that is proven to be of interest to them while getting a lead in the process.


YOU MUST update the new listings weekly! Otherwise do not even start. This is also why it is best to just start with a couple of feature category pages so that you can get the hang of updating the pages without spending to much time. Also, if you decide to change the look and feel of the pages, you will only have a couple to change.


Once you get the hang of this, add more pages and include links to your feature category pages in your online marketing as much as possible.


This way you will become the go to broker or agent in your area for listings with features that are proven to be of interest.


And do not forget to highlight this in your listing presentations letting sellers know that you are generating leads using advanced marketing techniques that will benefit them as well!

Scott Pierce is the founder and lead trainer of Listings-to-Leads, a leading provider of lead generation tools for real estate brokers and agents on Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, SEO and other online marketing products. Scott Pierce was formerly the Director of Online Marketing at a leading Sotheby's International  Realty affiliate. Listings-to-Leads generate more leads for brokers and agents using their listings, the number one searched item by online consumers.

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