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2012-03-02 22:39:09

Useful Open House Advice

To maximize the effectiveness of an Open House flyer, here are a few tips to help you advertise your listing:

  1. Print the flyer on light colored paper. This makes them look less cluttered and helps them stand out. In Turn-Key Flyers, the “Color Touch” or “Color Graphics” themes to maximize the white space. These Open House templates were design specifically to the color load down on your printer.
  2. Print good quality colored photos on your flyer.Photos should show the best attributes of the home; front, kitchen, living room and so forth.
  3. Bigger the File Size the Better? It’s a common misconception that the bigger the Megabytes the better they are on your flyer on the web. Not entirely true. A 5MB photos basically prints out to be a poster board size. Save your camera storage and tone down your resolution to around 1MB. This will give you high quality without sucking-up too much space.  
  4. List the basic information on the flyer.Make sure to fill in all the basic information such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms and other important features and attributes. This is very easy using TurnKeyFlyer Templates since we’ve pre-loaded these the basic standard feature into each flyer. All you have to do is change the # of bedrooms and bathrooms to fit your listing.
  5. Include the words “Open House” as well the date and time in the title.With our templates you can customize any of the headlines to read exactly what you wish. Change the header to say “Open House TODAY!” or “Open House 11am to 4pm”
  6. Always run a spell check before printing the flyer.The latest edition of Adobe Reader has a built in spell checker, just look for the red squiggly lines.
  7. Include the realtor listing information with at least two phone numbers and an email address.This gives people the option of using either phone or email to reach you!

The Open House flyer is one of the most useful and inexpensive advertising tools a realtor or a For-Sale-By-Owner can utilize before, during and after an Open House is held.


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