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2011-02-15 06:27:05

use of photolithography process

Sudden Gen Recombine Non-Radiatively), thereby reducing the efficiency of LED. baseball caps  So how to extract from the semiconductor light source active region in order to further increase the light extraction efficiency (Light Extraction Efficiency), is a manufacturer of the LED to the most important goal.  Menu Board There are two ways to increase the extraction efficiency of LED light: (1) The first method is the LED epitaxial ago, the sapphire substrate is etched graphics (Pattern Sahire Sutrate;);

etching. For wet chemical etching sapphire substrate graphic, and the LED process before the paragraph, as follows: A. First of all use of photolithography process in sapphire substrates to produce the required pattern. B. using plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Depositio PE-CVD) system in the top of the sapphire substrate deposited SiO2, after the removal of the light group, can form an array of 3μm spacing patterns. embroidery digitizer

the wet etching the substrate structure can reduce the Sahire the dislocation defect density to thereby increasing the quality of the epitaxial GaN [3, 4, 5]. Figure 6 shown in Figure 6, the wet etching patterns on sapphire substrate, the surface properties due to the lattice, will be etched into a 57o tilt out of the (1-102) plane (R Plane), can greatly increase the light extraction efficiency Embroidery digitizing

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