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2007-02-28 10:00:00

Upstate New York Blog Wins RealTown Daily Blog Nod

Ithaca Area Real Estate News and Information
Margaret Snow
Ithaca, NY

Ithaca (NY) real estate blog gives web visitors a peek behind the scenes in a REALTOR's life

Blogging is a lot like cooking. Give a cook a lobster, a cut of beef tenderloin, and all the fixings and expect that the meal be excellent, or else! My grandmother could take a chicken, a few potatoes and string beans and create a culinary masterpiece EVERY TIME. That's the secret of genius in a kitchen! Simple ingredients in the right combination, at the direction of an inspired cook. Ithaca Area Real Estate News and Information's Margaret Snow must have visited Grandma's kitchen. This blog gives buyers and sellers a chance to learn what happens behind the scenes in a REALTOR'S daily adventures, a chance to learn about the services that are available from this blogger/agent, and a look at market trends. It's an easy going, easy-to-read blog in conversational format that works. No gimmicks, no fancy doodads -- just good real estate. And that's the bottom line in blogging.

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