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2010-01-21 16:52:17

Understanding The Virtual Culture


Now I know for a fact that the VIRTUAL CULTURE is a credible business model for the future of our industry. We are attracting malcontents now that send scathing, slanderous emails to me when an article is run about the VIRTUAL CULTURE.
Since we are the leaders of this new paradigm shift in the Real Estate Industry, and since I now hear from 20 + Realtors or Brokers daily wanting to know more about the VIRTUAL CULTURE; I believe it’s time to get out in front of our industry and start sharing with everyone, what this VIRTUAL CULTURE thing is all about.
Over the last two years several mediums have published almost every article I have written in reference to the VIRTULAL CULTURE. From compliance in the VIRTUAL CULTURE, to the VIRTUAL CULTURE REALTOR, including how many surprises that we never anticipated coming out of the VIRTUAL CULTURE.
There is no longer a doubt in my mind that in the next 10 years the VIRTUAL CULTURE will be the number one business model in the Real Estate industry. Particularly now that I’m getting hate mail. The VIRTUAL CULTURE has the industry concerned, as it should be. However with all industries, the cream of the crop in the Real Estate industry will adapt and change. And as history has shown us many times, if they don’t, oh well.
We have nothing to hide. The VIRTUAL CULTURE is not rocket science. Yes, we have new ways of doing things, and yes we’ve made just about every mistake a company can make and still prosper and grow, but I want to share with the industry, what this VIRTUAL CULTURE phenomenon is all about.
As of this time I’m offering to speak with any Realtor Boards, Real Estate State Conventions and any and all other venues where a group of people want to learn more about the VIRTUAL CULTURE.
It’s such an amazing and simple business model that allows the Broker to make a profit, allows the Realtors to keep 100% of their commissions, but it also allows the Realtor to truly run their business as their business. We just operate the Realtors back office and the Brokers back office operations. With technology we can do it across the board for the entire country.
Today’s technology makes our back office operations surprisingly simple.
So if there is any one group or board out there that would truly like to learn more about this surprising and simple business model call the VIRTUAL CULTURE, then give me a call and I’ll be happy to speak with your group.
 James A. Crumbaugh III is a 38 year veteran of the Real estate industry and is the founder and CEO of Allison James Estates and Homes. You may reach him at

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