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2011-05-27 18:11:13

Twitter for Lovers and Haters Alike!

I admit it I poo-pood Twitter not that long ago. Dismissed it as yet another Internet rabbit hole down which one could piss hours of productivity. Until I started to notice it everywhere. No longer confined to a small group of nerds primarily in the SF Bay Area, Twitter was everywhere: TV shows, celebrities, speakers, regular joes… So obviously I was missing something.

And then came along Twitter Power, Joel Comm’s latest best seller. Twitter Power does a masterful job of explaining the size of the Twitter-tunity, sorry I couldn’t resist. Opportunity. And it’s big. Twitter Power not only explains in terms regular joes like me can understand, he does a terrific job of helping us understand where Twitter fits in the Social Media landscape, and how that landscape as a whole and specifically with Twitter can be used to grow communities (to whom we can sell to, learn from, and share with).

One of the exercises in the book is a strategy that puts you in front of OTHER Twitterer followers. The idea being that with such a large audience a number of them might be curious as to who you are IF you were mentioned by the Twitterer themselves. 4 hours after reading that, I was in front of 11,000+ people when @EzineArticles answered one of my (thoughtful) questions. Today I hit the mother load. I set as a goal the author Joel Comm himself to recognize me in one of his Tweets. Mission Accomplished! And yes, this resulted in a number of new followers (audience members) with whom I can sell to, learn from and share with.

If you are not already on Twitter. Get there.

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