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2010-12-24 06:42:15

Tungsten titanium rings for men and ladies are the #1

Tungsten titanium rings for men and ladies are the #1 trend in wedding bands. tungsten titanium is the hardest metal on Earth, and after a tungsten titanium ring is made it must be cut and polished with diamonds because it will simply dull or break other tools. The best feature of tungsten titanium rings is their incredible versatility. These are rings that are extremely difficult to break, scratch resistant, and tarnish proof, and they look wonderful in every width, shape, and finish, so any wedding ring design that you could ever dream up can be created as tungsten titanium ring or not at all!

Brush polishing gives tungsten titanium rings a soft glowing appearance by exposing and accentuating the natural grain of the metal and brings out its gunmetal hue, while a mirror polish brightens the light silvery tones and gives the tungsten titanium ringa flashy chrome look. The latter looks especially nice on faceted tungsten titanium rings, eye catching geometric styles which are cut and shaped in ways very similar to gem cutting to make the whole ring sparkle.

Tungsten rings with gold inlay are nice for people who want a modern design with some traditional touches. Gold inlay tungsten titanium rings are also very popular with men who need a strong ring but want something to match their spouse’s rings, which are often pieces made from more traditional but weaker gold. With this option in tungsten titanium rings, a man can simply choose a tungsten titanium ring inlaid with the same white or yellow gold. He can even specifically select a 14kt or 18kt gold inlay tungsten titanium ring based on the gold type used in the other ring for an exact match!

Gold is not the only choice for inlay tungsten ringseither. Black enamel, black plated tungsten titanium, and sterling silver inlay tungsten titanium rings are also popular. One of the most interesting styles of tungsten titanium rings I have seen uses an inlay of woven carbon fibers. These two materials are so modern and unusual that combining them makes really unique tungsten titanium rings. The basket weave reflection of the shiny carbon fibers is almost holographic, and they can be made in any color. The black or white carbon fiber inlay tungsten titanium rings the most tasteful, but there also some very nice blues and reds that will give your tungsten titanium rings a colorful accent.

Tungsten titanium rings can even be made in every width, because a thin 2mm tungsten titanium ring will not be as fragile as one in gold, and wide tungsten titanium rings in a width like 12mm only get stronger, and will not be subject to the dings and scratches that mar the impressive smooth surface of such a broad ring. Tungsten titanium rings truly can deliver on any promise.

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