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2010-12-24 06:44:46

Tungsten Rings Scratch

Tungsten carbide rings are made of the hardest metal alloy on the planet and consequently do not need quite as much care as rings made from more conventional materials.  However, though these virtually indestructible rings are designed to be almost maintenance-free, any ring or piece of jewelry worn as constantly in daily life as a wedding ring is bound to accumulate a little bit of grime here and there, even a tungsten wedding band.  Therefore, we can all benefit from learning some basic facts about the care, maintenance, and cleaning of tungsten rings.  The following dos, don’ts, and recommendations regarding proper care for your tungsten wedding ring will help you keep your ring as immaculate and striking as the day you put it on!

Over time, dirt and oils from your skin and food, alcohols from cosmetics, and other substances with which you come into contact in your day-to-day routine can build up on any piece of jewelry worn without interruption and obscure the lifetime shine oftungsten wedding bands.   A tungsten carbide band with no other alloy metal, or one that contains a nickel binder alloy, will not give you any trouble during cleaning as the chemical bond is impenetrable to oil.  All dirt and oil will stay on the surface of the ring and can be easily removed by simply washing your tungsten wedding bands with hot, soapy water and wiping them with a soft cloth.  Some jewelers carry tungsten wedding ring styles made with a cobalt alloy binder, a cheaper but inferior material.  Use of cobalt binder alloys is generally frowned upon by reputable jewelers because they are not as durable, cobalt causes severe adverse reactions in some wearers with allergies or sensitive skin, and cobalt does leech surface oils that can then never be removed and ruin the ring.   Since NONE of the tungsten rings we carry contain cobalt, permanent discoloration and oil deposits will never be a problem.  You may also find that during this easy cleaning process, marks that appeared to be scratches will disappear.  These are not scratches at all; they are in fact other materials that formed weak bonds to your ring due to its unusual electrical properties.

Because tungsten carbide wedding bands do not possess any of the weaker properties of other popular metals like gold and silver, they do not need to be maintained as heavily.  However, their chemical composition and unique electrochemical traits are so incompatible with solvents and processes used on softer metals that an otherwise damage-resistant tungsten ring can present an extremely adverse reaction to these traditional methods.  As stated above, the best cleaning solution for a tungsten wedding ring is the tried-and-true hot water and soap.  Jewelry cleaners, even those sold by high-end jewelry retailers or marketed as safe for all jewelry are not recommended as they may at worst contain enzymes and harsh chemicals that will permanently damage the luster or structurally weaken tungsten carbide rings, or at best are nothing but an expensive variation on—you guessed it!—ordinary dish soap.  It is also not recommended to place tungsten wedding bands in an ultrasonic cleaner; though the metal that makes up your ring is incredibly strong, tungsten carbide begins the forging process as two pure-element powders and can be badly damaged by exposure to ultrasonic waves. Don’t risk your precious ring or hard-earned money when the best solution is in your own kitchen! 

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