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2010-12-24 06:34:11

Tungsten Inlay Rings

Your wedding bands should be a mutual token of your love: they are definitely not for women only. Men can wear tungsten inlay anywhere and never have to worry about wrecking it. Here are some tips for choosing your tungsten rings with inlay.

Tungsten, the base of tungsten rings with gold inlay, is a very hard and dense metal, mined from Wolframite ore. It melts at an extraordinary 6,100 degrees Fahrenheit. Tungsten rings with inlay wrap a thin band of another material in a metal approximately 4 times harder than titanium and 5 times harder than steel. Tungsten rings with gold inlay are perfect men’s wedding bands as it is a long lasting metal and is referred as a scratch free metal to keep the memories alive forever. One of the most attractive qualities of tungsten rings with inlay is that they have a heavy feel to them which keeps on reminding your man that he is committed to you. And of course tungsten rings with gold inlay can have sentimental value in the way that the study, strong tungsten holds and protects the soft, precious gold—the symbolism is apparent!

Probably the coolest thing about tungsten rings with inlay, though, is that tungsten carbide is still a rather exotic material. Everyone knows about gold and platinum already because they’ve been around for thousands of years, but tungsten rings with gold inlay are something different, something unique. Tungsten rings with inlay are not overtly flashy or shiny, but a deep, strong gray that will leave no one in doubt of who you are and which looks wonderful next to the inlay metal.
Even if her wedding band or engagement tungsten ring has a beautifully cut diamond, there are many coordinating options for tungsten rings with gold inlay. Really all that men need to do is choose tungsten rings with inlay in which the inlay metal matches whatever the bride’s rings are made from. Diamonds are not necessarily the first choice of couples either, so the bride may even look into tungsten rings with gold inlay for herself! An unconventional pair of tungsten rings with inlay can mean something special to a couple. The tungsten rings with gold inlay can represent an ideal the couple values. Tungsten rings with inlay are also not limited to silver, platinum, and the two standard colors of gold either. Many incredible styles of tungsten rings with inlay use enamel in a rainbow of colors, an inlay of woven carbon fibers encased in polymer, special anodized metals in interesting hues, and so much more! Tungsten rings with wood inlay are also available and they are very pretty, but be advised that they are very easily damaged.

Tungsten rings with gold inlay aren’t limited to yellow or white gold either! Tungsten rings with gold inlay using rose gold are somewhat hard to find, but there are online retailers happy to custom manufacture them for you.

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